Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Baby-to-be Shower


The Cake …. SOCK MONKEY!~



A special gift created by Chickie:


And Sterling!   This is SO his chubby goofballness.


Everyone enjoyed the “Candy Bar”:



Diaper Cake made to match the theme:


A sea of pressies … with one car loaded and one trip left to get it all back to the nursery.


Was just a perfect day … almost everyone able to come, certainly more than expected.  Lots of love being given to my grandboy and we can’t wait to meet him in person …

Here are some future divas / posers.  A monster had been chasing them so they had to hide in every closet in the house.  It was a fake monster, but it was still chasing them.  Or so I was told.


Lots of family and friends; hard working hostesses with some of the most fantastic ideas I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to all who helped provide such a glorious day.


fishy said...

I love sock monkeys! Haven't seen an edible one till now. Looks like "Babygirl" and soon to arrive grandson are loved and nurtured by many. I am so pleased for you each.
Looking forward to the nursery pics once your installations are complete! Have you got a placement selected for the Chickory art? it's quite wonderful :-)

chickory said...

at first i was a little worried when i read "diaper cake" but it turned out to be a very cute way to provide some starter diapers. I hope Kym likes her Cozzy cat - remember, I couldnt actually do his face as they were in the reference photos - too scary for baby's room. grrrrhahahahaha. Loved the sock monkey cake. cute party - i know you worked hard on it. None of it was fattening either, right?

Pam said...

Fishy: If someone ever finishes the nursery, I promise to post pics!

Chickie: The kitties are just perfect. Love them! No, nothing was fattening at all. None of it. Except everything I ate. We just cleaned house; her friends showed up and did it all.

moi said...

So sweet and what cool Chickory giftees! Looks like you did a wonderful job. That cake looks yummy, too, in spite of the sock monkey, which always seem a little creepy to me for some reason.