Wednesday, June 08, 2011

June Photo Challenge Update and other stuff

Karl was first to put up some posts ... if you are part of our little challenge group, head over when you get the chance and check out his pics, which are the bee's knees.  I have a few up also but they are nothing to jump up and down about.

I had a resolution to do a four mile back ride every morning during the week.  I've made it out about three times.  And well short of four miles.  Pray for me.  Gotta get a bit more puff in this getting older body of mine.  Sigh.  I've also been trying to get in a few flights of stairs each day. 

About a month to go before Grandboy arrives!  Everyone is really excited. Kymmie's shower was DIVINE.  What a great group of friends she has and my sister and cousins are just the BEST ever people on this planet.  We're all still basking in the glow of a perfect, perfect day last weekend.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  Don't have much to write about but I do want to ask if anyone has any high protein shake powder drinks that they recommend.  The one I have is really low calorie which is what I'm after but I think it is time to switch up brands for variety before the burnout phase sets in.


Buzz Kill said...

My company started an excercise program last month and I've been pretty good about doing it. Every morning when I come in I do 8 flights of steps.

Today I was sweating pretty good when I fisnished and it takes 5 minutes. At lunch I have 2 different 1 mile courses that I walk in 15 minutes.

My company has a subcontractor that maintains a site where you can log in your activity and also map out paths. I'm number 523 out of 1600 participants right now. The ones I use are mostly around the parking lots but the mapping software lets you calculate the distances. We'll see how it goes.

Pam said...

Buzzy that is a great idea about the maps of routes to take for simple walking courses in and around the building. I know lots of folks here do laps in our building but somehow that never fits into my day. My problem is just stamina and has been since my little illness a few years ago. But must persevere. I think I will give your idea to the powers that be and see if they can do some route maps for us here.

moi said...

Go Pam and Buzz!

Boxer said...

First, way to go on the walking. If 4 miles is too much, go with 3 and then work up. Sometimes, I don't have time for 4 miles. And I'm really happy to hear Buzz is doing a similar thing.

I'm still getting back into the swing of life and I need to find my log in for the photography challenge group.

As for protein shake options, I do have some suggestions and was thinking I'd actually post my morning smoothie recipe, so stay tuned. Low calorie may mean sugar substitutes which BAD and it makes me crazy when they turn healthy options into actually unhealthy.

I'll get off my soap box, but it's one I'm on A LOT. :-) xoxo

Buzz Kill said...

I did some more checking and the site we use is run by the American Heart Association. Here it is:

I don't know if your company needs to sign up or if you can do it individually. Let me know how that works out for you.

Pam said...

Moi: I envy you the running abilities you have! Please please never take your health for granted!

Boxie: Actually I'm biking. It seems to be a bit more effective for me and is much more fun. And you are right, time is a huge factor. Would love to know your smoothie recipe.

Buzzy, I see ... your work didn't come up with the routes, but the Heart Assn did. Routes in our area (according to this site) pretty much suck.

Buzz Kill said...

If you are a registered user, you can create your own routes. I've made 3 myself. If you use that "Find a walking Path" tab for your zip code, all the pathes listed are created by participants. And once you're on that map page, in the right hand corner is a link for "Create a Walking Path", but you have to be registered.

It's cool because you can put it in satellite mode and zoom in to where you can see sidewalks, paths and landmarks. So if you have a path in mind, you can lay it out and see how long it is. Good luck.

Boxer said...

@Buzz - I'm going to look at this too. It's really cool. Thanks!

Boxer said...

Now I see "back ride" Don't give up on your body. I passed a woman recently moving up a hill (slowly) on a bike and when I passed I realized she was about 75. I would have honked and "high fived" her, but I was afraid I startle her. (Or give her a heart attack.)

Pam said...

"Back Ride"? LOLLLLOLLOLOLL, how did that happen. I think that was my Okie-speak coming out of my typing fingers. Won't comment on any other connotation.

fishy said...

Yea Pam !

Oddly enough I am the opposite, I had to give up biking and go to walking. I love the website info from Buzz. Also, I agree with the others, you can't do the same thing every day? You can do something every day. On the days I don't do my 4 miles. I either Wii or do stretches or work a few hours in the yard or put on some shakin your booty music.

Mermaid swears by Muscle Milk.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Stick with your resolution and soon it won't be hard to do. Just work up to a the steady pace. And very your routine so you don't get bored. I'm a firm believer in using your lunch hour to get in a little extra exercise. If using Buzz's program helps you to do it, that's great.

I don't know much about the protein drinks. I'm not a big fan of any sort of supplement, other than a multi-vitamin. A balanced diet of real food and proper proportions is your best bet in the long run.

Pam said...

Fishy: In my head I'm able to do all sorts of laps. It is just the physical stamina that is the struggle ... forget a tablet one day and I'm off the game for three days. Sigh. All part of getting the formula right, as you know.

Karl: I do like the protein drinks for the vitamins as a pick-me-up or meal replacement. Like I say, I envy everyone their good health and hope that if you have it (good health) you appreciate it!