Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday and a few burning questions


Burning questions:

1.  Why is beef jerky so EXPENSIVE?  $4-5 for a packet of dried out, over-processed, teeth breaking meat that you know would have been a thrown-away byproduct.  Has anyone ever made beef jerky themselves?  Surely it can be done.

2.  Why aren’t I wealthy enough that I can retire and stay home with the grandboy-to-be?  Sigh.

3.  Why am I sitting here doing a blog post when I need to be getting ready for work?  At a job that will never make me wealthy enough for #2 above.

4.  Jeggings.  Cute fashion or just mom jeans repackaged?  Yes, I bought a pair.  I secretly love them but don’t think I would ever wear them out of the house.


Back to the grind!  Saving up vacation days for, well, vacation and for when Babygirl needs me one the baby arrives.  Went shopping with her on Saturday to pick up all those things she did not get at the shower that were essentials … bottle sets, pacifiers, etc.  Baby should be set for arrival in the material goods department! 

Took some pics on Sunday of this adorable girl:


And she helped me with the stop action challenge by jumping off the porch step and running around like a rabbit.  I posted a few of the pics but I think they are “too much” stop action but what do I know.  So I get the concept that a little bit of motion might be good so that the picture actually demonstrates the action.  Sigh. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and I wish you all a wonderful and productive week ahead!


Troll said...

Yes, they must be making huge profits on beef jerky because it's extremely easy, requires no expensive equipment and the beef used ain't the best.

Bing it and make your own. Probably will turn out BETTER as well as cheaper.

Buzz Kill said...

We use to make venison jerky years ago in a homemade smoker (made out of a 30 gallon oil drum). As Troll said, inexpensive ingredients but a little time consuming. You have to make a brine and soak the meat overnight. Then into the smoker for another day. We'd make 20 or 30 pounds at a shot.

As for qurstion #2, we're middle class - if we retire who supports the rest of the country? #4, I have no idea what you're talking about. Now get back to work.

Aunty Belle said...

Uncle buys venison jerky from the fella what processes his deer--cheap.
# 4? heh....I figger most fashions is fer the 35 an' under crowd.

PAM! I done post about yore fun prizes fer Haiku. Come see when ya git a moment.

How wuz the shower? I love that diaper cake--hilarious!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Beef Jerky - I know people who make it themselves around here.

Jeggings - hmmmm I have always thought they look far too clingy for me?

Pics - when I did the course with Bryan Peterson he was all about showing motion in some pics of subjects that justify it. So I say go for it.

moi said...

Jerky's a huge part of our diet so luckily, we have a couple local sources of good and inexpensive. If you can't find something similar, do what Troll suggests and make your own. We did it all the time as a kid (venison) in the oven. Easy-peasy. Or, buy one of those relatively inexpensive gadgets to help you along (you can dry fruit and veggies in them, too).

moi said...

Haiku Winner is UP!

K9 said...

just need a food hydrator. the guys that built my studio made some. i didnt want any so i dont know if it tasted good. im wondering why you want it and what the hell is up with jeggings? arrrrrrrgh.

Pam said...

Trolly: Yes, I think I might try making my own.

Buzzy: You're talking me into it. And bleh on middle class. I'm tired of it. I want to be wealthy. I suppose since I work for the government, I'm already on govt assistance?

Auntie: Well there is no fashion statement with me. Ever. The shower was fab!

Sarah: The jeggings are more of a straight or flare leg, not skin tight all the way down. Just stretchy. Somewhere between jeans and sweats.

Moi: You are also talking me into trying to make jerky sometime. Maybe your local source does mail order?

Chickie: Jerky is just a low carb snack option. I've gone low fat, low carb, low calorie. Within reason. Ha. Jeggings is just a name for the decline of my society. I should do a post about them.