Friday, June 17, 2011

Self Imposed Bizzyness

Wooohooo, what a bizzy week or so.  I did it to myself.  Was out taking photos most of the week and had myself a grand old time.

Last week, took a few engagement photos for co-worker Kathie and fiance’ … they are too stinking cute together.


Sunday, went out to a pretty field nearby and took pics of Baby Avery, who is now a toddler and about to outgrow that title even …


Then when I posted a few of those over on FB, cousin Ashley saw them and wanted to do some of Baby Sophia.  So Monday night, we went and did those!


Then, I couldn’t take Baby Sophia pics without offering to take pics for the other new baby cousin in the family, so yesterday was out doing photos for Baby Addison.  And her cheekies.

ADDISON 06-11-2101

And might have found myself a couple of other little paying projects off these sessions, so me happy!   Meanwhile, thought I’d better get these out of the way, because in a very short time, I will be having my own grandboy to be using as model material and he might be taking up as much of my free time as some new mommy might let me …..



Boxer said...

You and I posted about being bizzy. It must the time of year? I saw your photos on FB and the color is just amazing. You have a gift for capturing these babies and if I were your daughter, I'd be thrilled to have you as the photojournalist for the new baby's life.

Have a great weekend, relax a little! :-)

fishy said...

Oh good job!
I think it's wonderful to see your grand will have cousins to grow up with.
Congrats on the possible paid gigs.

Kymical Reactions said...


Pam said...

Boxie; Thanks so much. Bizzy is good if it is your own doing; not so much when others are demanding. You hang in there too! No Temps!

Fishy: I hope these cousins will be close. I think us oldsters need to plan some get-togethers to make sure of it. Can't wait to take pics of my grandboy.

Kymmie: See you in the morning!

moi said...

You certainly have a gift for portraiture, which is SO difficult to do well! And soon, you'll have even more practice :o)