Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A few quick thingies …

  1. Baby Caleb continues to improve daily.  I might get a chance to see him tomorrow (Wednesday), wish me luck!  He is still in the NICU but things are progressing very well …. keep up with the prayers for the progress to continue, thank you!
  2. Kymmie is doing very well, btw.  Strong character in that girl, and it is matched by her hubby. 
  3. We are up to over 200 e-mails requesting a “Caylee’s Law” be implemented where it makes it a crime to not report a missing child.
  4. I’ve been feng shui’ing a little bit.  Anyone have tips or care to make fun of me?  I think a bedroom lacks a money corner. 
  5. Is anyone else watching “Wilfred”?  The man in the dog suit, but he’s really a dog, but he creates havoc for his owner’s neighbor, who is Frodo?  I find this show absolutely hysterical.
  6. Design Star started up again … watched my DVR episode tonight.  A lady from Edmond, OK, is on it so now I must go look her up.
  7. Yes, obviously, tonight was catch-up night on tv viewing.  But tomorrow I am called back into Grammy/Mummy duty and will be driving Kymmie to see the baby and then do some other errands with her.
  8. That’s about it.  Me tired.  Bedtime.  Night all.


Boxer said...

Soooo glad to hear the Baby is gettin better each day. I can't imagine how you're all feeling and not surprised by Kymmie's strength; she is her Mother's girl.

Design Star! I have it Tivo'd. I hope it's a good season.

Thanks for the update.

Aunty Belle said...

oh! This is such welcome news, PamOKC.

Huge happiness heeah to read of little Caleb's progress-- I has a boat load of folks emailin' to ask how this wee chile is doin'...emails from them whose put Caleb on their urgent peayer list. Now--yea! I can report he is doin' pretty good--an' Kymmie? Why we all KNOWED she wuz a tough dear soul. ('member when I tried to adopt her but ya' woudln't share? I knowed she was a winner long back).

Ok..I'se goin' ter sleep really happy now. Have a grand GranMama day tomorrow.

carmar76 said...

CONGRATS & keeping Caleb (<3 that name) in prayer!

can't say i agree about wilfred, tho. i think the creator was on acid. ; )

moi said...

Glad to hear you're taking some time for yourself. We watched the second episode of Wilfred (missed the first) but are on the fence about it. Might I say, however, I'm finding Frodo slightly sexy in a 21st century disaffected sloucher male kind of way. Is that wrong?

Buzz Kill said...

Nothing to worry about - aren't I amazing? I'm glad Kym is doing well too although she won't be doing sit-ups any time soon. I'm sure we all would like to see a mother/son picture.

I saw previews for that Wilfred show and thought it looked stupid. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Pam said...

Thanks all ... just a quick update again. Kymmie got to hold the baby for the first time yesterday. He is off all the machines. I can't even TELL YOU how much we appreciate the prayers and support and kind words and KNOWLEDGE that this little baby was going to be okay. We love you all. There are still a few things that need settling before they get to walk out of the NICU with him though ... keep those prayers coming. And wait until you see a pic of him, he looks like a little Bruiser, ready to go pick fights.

Re Wilfred - go back and watch from the beginning. Wilfred is on a mission to teach slacker Frodo some life lessons. And no, Moi, you aren't wrong AT ALL. He's a man now, and it shows.

moi said...

Yay to being a bruiser! (It's too soon to put the football cart before the horse, isn't it. Sorry.)

fishy said...

A tough little Sooner for Kymmie! How perfect! I am just thrilled with all the good news here. Happy to hear Kym and her mate are weathering this crisis well. Grateful to hear young Caleb is living his name and joyful you get to spend the day with your child and grand son.

Soon, soon we will all get to see the pictures of Caleb home in his nursery full of Chickory art and Grammy decor! Why does anyone not believe in he power of prayers?

About your bedroom ..... it is a very bad idea to bring money into a bedroom! It changes the focus. Terrible Feng Shui. And if no one has told you NEVER put your bed opposite the door as it inhibits your sex life. For the best sex life there should be a direct view outside from the bed.

Here are the FishyDesigns rules for bedrooms:
1) it should be the occupants favorite room in the house.
2) it should be a space which nurtures the occupant(s) senses
3) it should change with the seasons.
4) it should be in colors which compliment the occupant.
5) it should have multiple lighting options.
6) it should have auxillary temperature control like a heated mattress pad or a ceiling fan.
7) it should always smell good,
( never store dirty laundry or shoes in your bedroom)
8) it should have music

I did watch Design Star. There are some duds in there who demonstrated more flaws than just time management issues. Looks like there might be 3, maybe 4 contenders.
My thoughts are HGTV has a few high end design programs, a lot of low budget non design shows, some out there horrible stuff like the Stylist and Antonio and Myles. What is missing is the entire mid-range project of every description.

Happy Wednesday,
hug Kym and Caleb for us all won't you?

Pam said...

Ooooh, Fishy, thanks for all that info. I have work to do methinks. We have much of what you say going on but I'm thinking a little fresh seasonal stuff might be called for. Wish I could wave a wand, win the lottery and hire you to come decorate the Resort (our house).

The baby update today is very good. He is continuing to improve and I had the great satisfaction of watching my girl hold her baby in her arms today. A few more things to get through and I have faith the end result is going to be a very great success. This is one good looking boy, too. Mommy is feeling the after-effects of the csection last couple of days, so this is still not normal circumstances.

fishy said...

I am sure it's tough for everyone. Although, given the Cesarean there is a benefit to Kym having help looking after Caleb. Especially if he is still at 8 pounds.

Since neo-natal intensive care units are often populated with incredibly tiny babies, I bet a full term, handsome boy like Caleb is a joy for the staff.

Did you see those tin santos Chickory posted from Moi land? I thought when I first saw them,
"Pray for Caleb"! Funny the things we associate. They probably would make great thank you notes for the nnicu staff.

So glad you had a good family day.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Good to hear that Caleb of is doing better. Disconnected from the machines and being held by his mother is a huge plus.

@ Fishy: what if the door is full of glass to veiw the out side?

Pam said...

I loved those tin saints immediately. I think one might be St. George (English flag), and I've been looking for an image of him to have around the house anyway.

Thanks again everyone for the kind words and support. I'm on day two of Kym duty today ... whatever needs doing, I'll be doing it.

Aunty Belle said...

`Beautiful news!!
Please tell Kymmie how proud we is of her.

Blessings on the whole tribe.