Friday, July 01, 2011

July Camera Challenge – LOW LIGHT SITUATIONS

karls bees

Karl’s bee pics were an excellent example for the June challenge of stopping action.  He has a great effort here – I love that a few of the bees are definitely buzzing!

Boxie did some bees also and I heard rumors that a few others were working on the challenge.  So, don’t think it is too late to upload something!  This is all for learning and practice anyway, so we can all become more familiar with the features on our cameras.

About the Shutterfly site:   The link is here --

In case anyone is having trouble with it …. everyone who indicated interest has their own page, which you can get to from the tabs along the top.  Each page has a default setting for photo albums and an upload feature.  Click on the upload and an album will be created.  You can then add the whole album or selected photos to your page.  Just takes a bit of practice to get the steps down.  If anyone is having problems with uploading, let me know and we will get it figured out!

The July challenge was Karl inspired also.  He was going to be attending an indoor event and wanted to know about low light shooting.  Well, there’s a challenge for us, right there!

Here are a couple of articles on the subject for tips on shooting in low light.

So it looks like our challenge is going to be interesting and challenging to say the least.  Let’s get off automatic (or my case, auto with no flash) … and work on changing ISO settings on your camera.  This is the amount of light that is let in for the photo.  For example, if you are outside shooting in bright sun, you have a low ISO (100,200).  Inside or with low light, you need to open up the ISO to a higher number.  The problem this might create is digital “noise” on your photo.  But let’s have a go and see some low light efforts!   Oooh, and maybe it is time to play with the tripod on this challenge also.

If anyone runs across other articles specific to their own camera, feel free to post those here also or on the Shutterfly site.

Things that come to mind for low light situations:

  • Dinner at a restaurant, where a flash would spoil the ambience
  • Inside the reptile house at the zoo
  • Children’s dance recital
  • Outside at dusk or after  (I have seen some really cool photos where photographers use a long exposure and high ISO at night, but the effect makes it look like daytime…)
  • How about catching the glow of a candle flame?
  • Fireworks?  

Happy shooting everyone!  I hope to be shooting pics in low light of a little newborn baby boy within the next week or so!

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Boxer said...

Great post Pam and I'm up for this challenge...... Lucy the dog hiding under the covers? Or maybe the freaking racoon in my back yard who is knocking over my yard art? I'd love to caputre that little sucka! :-)

happy 4th and here's hoping there's good news about your new grandson VERY SOON!