Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just had to do it ….

Okay, I can’t stand it any longer … here’s a bit of Caleb!

CALEB 0718110001

CALEB 0718110035

CALEB 0718110033

Sweet sweet baby boy.  Adjustment period is on the go … Kymmie doing well but has had a few problems along the way.  Keep those prayers coming for this new family … baby’s health seems to be doing very well.   Thanks everyone for your kind remarks.


moi said...

Second photo: "No, no. Sorry. No autographs, please."

What a cutie! I will keep pulling for everyone's full recovery so you all can get on with the business of thoroughly enjoying your new addition to the family.

Buzz Kill said...

You know what they say about big hands? He'll be able to catch a baseball - what? Very nice skin for a newborn. My kids were all crusty looking for weeks. Actually years because they still look crusty to me.
Here's hoping he sleeps through the night.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

A fine looking young fellow. Good to read that he's progressing well. Pass on a hug to Kym.

Boxer said...


What a beautiful child.

Bless you all.

(and thanks!!)

Aunty Belle said...

Oh I'se dancin' a jig!! Look at the Sweet Love!!

PamOKC, an incredible blessin'--thanky fer sharin' wif' us.

A extra hug fer Kymmie.

K9 said...

darling boy. so pleased its working its self out. please give Kymmie my love, and to you - a hug and kiss .

carmar76 said...

awww! you know he's lookin good, pam!! : )

Pam said...

Thanks everyone, and Buzzy is onto something.

fishy said...

Whoop! Whoop! Looks like that new little Sooner is home!!!!!! So glad you gave us this little peek a boo of the new love in your lives. I am smiling so big for y'all my cheeks ache, can't hardly wait for the next installment.

I second the motion about sleeping through the night. He looks robust!

czar said...

sweet-looking boychild. must be a very proud grandma. best wishes for all generations . . .