Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life Under the Heat Dome

I swear to God, I had never heard the term before this summer.  Heat Dome.  I thought it was just summer.  What do I know?

It has been over 100 degrees for so long now, I don’t even remember when it wasn’t 100+ degrees.  Even the weeds are drying up and turning yellow.  Breaks my heart to see a lot of big trees in distress from lack of water.  A lot of shallow rooted pines are just goners.  We stay in as much as possible, keeping the house mostly darkened.  Neither of us do well in the heat … since the thy-surg, I certainly don’t have a proper heat regulator in my body!  Oh well, thank goodness for A/C everywhere we go.  And steering wheel covers.

Now, thanking everyone again for their prayers and thoughts and kind words during that first week with Baby Caleb.  He’s a big strong lad, and gave us quite the scare, but he did have good check-up this week, or so Kymberly reports.  I got to watch him on Wednesday when she had some doctor appointments of her own.  LE SIGH!  LE PURR!  Loved it.  Now as for Kymmie, she has had her own complication or two, probably from doing a little too much in the early days after the c-section.  But nothing, and I mean NOTHING, was going to keep her away from the baby’s side, and if it means a longer recovery period of time for her, that is how it will be.

Sorry I haven’t been around to everyone’s pages in a while, I hope to be back on regular schedule soon.  Here’s a few random thoughts also.

1.  The Norway situation.  OMG, betcha anything it is a Tim McVeigh kind of situation – disgruntled young man with no real reason to do what he did.  So sad.  I really feel for those folks, am sure they thought they would be immune from things like this.

2.  Amy Winehouse.  Well, that was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Instant Janis Joplin or Kurt Cobain status for her.  Tortured genius and a great big what could have been.

3.  We are up to about 1100 e-mails on the Caylee’s Law proposal.  Wish folks would read that someone IS going to be carrying this issue and let me get on with my life.

4.  Feng Shui-ing is continuing, slow but sure.  Have been getting rid of clutter … almost every morning going through some things to toss out.  Also boxed up a bunch of stuff in my office that came from mom’s house … love you mom, but those things were yours, they are not mine, and I don’t need them out to remind me of you.

5.  Now, let’s talk about Caleb.   He is just beautiful.  I think he is going to be fairly calm and laid back.  He likes to look around and I swear to the bear, that as I had him pulled up to my chest giving him a burp, he just decided he would rather be looking out and about, so inched himself over into the cradle of my arm instead.  If that makes no sense, I apologize.   What I mean is that he flipped himself over somehow all on his own.  He’s two weeks old.  With a mind of his own.  Heh.  I hope he is as hard-headed as someone else i know.

I’m on my way over to see him now, so will report back in later.  I promise to go visit everyone’s pages soon.  Life slowly getting back in the normal lane.  Praying for some rain and cooler temps to all of us living under the Heat Dome.  Or summer, as I call it.


fishy said...

So wonderful to read Grammy, Kym and Caleb are doing well. I agree, it is amazing for a large baby to have such good intentional mobility so early. He sounds..... healthy!!!!!!

This sure was a rough beginning so I am delighted to learn the rewards have kicked in. We of the Pond will keep the prayers flowing for Kym's recovery and Caleb's continued progress and your delight in both.

carmar76 said...

so glad everyone's doing okay!

totally w/ you on the tragedies that have been in the news this weekend. i don't even know how one person opens fire like that. SAD!

Aunty Belle said...

Joy joy joy, down in mah heart, down in mah heart, today!

kisses an' hugs to all the clan--love to hear of Caleb. Doan worry about gettin' aeound to all of us--we can wait--luv that baby boy an hep yore Kymmie an her hubby--tell them how much we are all prayin' fer 'em.