Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick things #2

Someone isn't ready to start posting about Baby Caleb yet, so I'm not going to be the first to do it .... so meanwhile, here's a photo of part of the nursery. A little Chickie art next to the closet door, and a little Grammy craftiness diaper stacker covered in fabric and hanging from over the closet door. No, she isn't using cloth diapers either, although that is what is in the contraption at this moment. We call those "burp rags." This is one sweet baby, by the way, and I'm not just saying that because he is of our family. Can't wait to post more.

Baby is doing very well. Mommy has had a setback or two but is on the mend. Daddy is a Trooper. Papa John has even sprung into action to help when needed.

It takes a village, after all! What a week!
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fishy said...

We'll keep offering prayers.
Delighted to learn they are working so well :=)
Hugs to all!

Boxer said...

Thank you for the updates. You all contiue to be in my prayers.


Aunty Belle said...

Baby Caleb an his clan remain on top of prayer list--luv this chile' already!!

Hug Kymmie fer me.

moi said...

Burp rags! Most handy. I should have remembered that a couple weeks ago when I made the mistake of saying, "Here, let me burp her." to a friend.

It's amazing what all can come out of an eight-week old baby's stomach. Right onto the left shoulder of a brand new blouse.

You tell Kym to watch it, now :o)