Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where HAS this month gone?

Caleb 072511-0024

It has been devoted to this little precious bundle of boy.  Just looked up and realized the whole month was mostly over!  What a ride it has been.  Wish I could say things have settled down, and they have somewhat, but not completely yet.

Is anyone still in for the low-light challenge?  Mine will be, guess what, baby pics. 

Oh wait, I do have this saved up for one night at dusk:


Someone might have liberated a pair of work glasses for the evening.

I will sign in and see if anyone has posted anything for low light challenge.  Or if not, then maybe we can skip July and head to August.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Well I’m off to go catch up on everyone’s pages.  Hope you’ve had a great July!


fishy said...

Very sweet Sooner you have there.
Nice picture too.
No doubt this will be the best documented childhood in history.
May you enjoy every minute :-)

My apologies about the camera assignments. I won't bore you with my issues. I vote for August. Do I have a vote?

Troll said...

He's dreaming about beating Texas, methinks. I mostly use an ancient Olympus Camera and don't really understand the challenge.

Boxer said...

Project Runway starts tomorrow!!

Maybe we start our camera challenge back up in September with a "back to school" or Fall theme?

In the meantime, keep posting those pictures here and on FB and enjoy that beautiful boy.

Pam said...

Fishy, yes, probably well documented but I don't want him only seeing my face behind a camera ;)

Trolly -- we have attempts at learning camera settings better. Is your Olympus digital?

Boxie: Project Runway! Salvation! I have my salvation! Can't wait. Glad you reminded me. I haven't been watching much tv lately and yes, we might take a break until September. How about we keep the same theme going and post in September?

moi said...

Good Lord, look at the size of the hands and forearms on that kid! Not in a freakish way, mind you, it's just that I can't help but look at kids and scout them out for sports star potential.

I like the idea of posting Low Light in September. When the light will be, you know, LOWER :o)

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

That boy is lucky to have a grandmother with so much photographic talent. He will always be displayed in the best light and at the best angle.

I have a couple of low light shots I had planned a post, July has been such a busy month I didn't get around to it. Either August or September is fine with me.

Aunty Belle said...

He is a beautiful chile'. Angelic.