Tuesday, August 09, 2011


From my Super-Cool London Niece, Joanna.



Hey Pam,

What a crazy time in London. In a nutshell a guy who was in possession of a gun was shot and killed by police on thursday. There was an immediate investigation by the independent police commission but answers weren't given to the family members of this man as to what exactly happened.

On saturday afternoon in tottenham the family held a peaceful protest outside the local police station. They waited for someone to come and speak to them, no one came. more and more people joined, police came out in numbers by the time there was 300 peaceful protesters. There was a skuffle between a girl and a police officer and that was the spark that let off the firework.

The family very quickly retreated home and mindless thugs from all over London came to tottenham to set fire to shops and homes and fight with the police.

It spread to hackney and wood green. These kids (and they're between the ages of 14 and 25 mostly) are just fighting. Its nothing to do with the guy that died anymore. That was saturday night. Then Sunday night was more of the same in north London.

Last night it started in south London. Lewisham had cars on fire, fireworks being thrown at the police and at local buses. They closed all the roads.

very very scary on the news watching my old streets rioting. Also I have lots of friends who live in the area and I have a lot of friends who are in the police.

My friend Gemma had her baby greyson on July 2nd, so he is a very similar age to caleb. Her husband James had his first shift back from paternity leave on Sunday. He worked for 34 hours straight. He is a policeman.

Spoke to dad last night and mum this morning. They're all fine, a little nervous but fine. Mum was worried about me at work but in knightsbridge there aren't the shops that these kids want to loot. They're going after electrical stores, mobile phone shops and sports wear shops.

Anyway! Hopefully we'll get a bit of rain later today which will calm things down. Its just so tense here!

Lots of love to everyone

X x x


Buzz Kill said...

I guess this is the British version of the Watts riots. It'll calm down eventually.

Troll said...

This is very interesting. They just reported that citizen patriots are planning to battle the rioters themselves because the police have been so milquetoast in their response.

carmar76 said...

it's just so sad what ppl will use as an excuse to steal, kill, destroy. : ( praying for the police forces in england & also all the innocent ppl trying to just go about their business. *sigh*

moi said...

Too bad these Citizen Patriots aren't armed.