Monday, August 01, 2011

Quickie Post

Caleb 072511-0043

Oh Hai there Caleb!  How are you today?  You are doing very well?  That is fantastic.  Everyone will be glad to know that you are a big strong healthy growing man-cub.  Grammy loves you.

Meanwhile, Kymmie is also getting better.  They have had a time of it and, as my friend KJ says, they have earned their parent stripes already.  There is no reason to think that things have not or will not resolve.  Maybe one day I will get to tell everyone what all it is that has happened over the past month.

Did I mention it has been hot around here?  I think we are on day 38 of over 100 degrees.  Even the weeds are curling up and turning yellow.  And this week is supposed to be the hottest yet.   It has been said before … there are many things to love about Oklahoma, but the weather is not one of them.

So that’s life lately.  Sweet grandboy.  Super-hot weather.  Ridiculous hot weather.  Sweet grandboy.

And I appreciate you all.


fishy said...

Please pass the baby!
Great photograph Grammy. Makes one want to scoop that beautiful boy up and snuggle. I am just so very delighted to learn Caleb is thriving.

Kym continues to have issues to conquer? Hopefully she is improving, Hubby is stalwart and Caleb a prize. We'll keep the prayers going from the Pond.

I hear you about the heat! Triple digit actual temps here with high humidity conditions render heat index readings in the 106 to 108 range. My yard/ garden is tragic.
I do water the courtyard garden. When the sprinkler is on I stand back and laugh at the number and diversity of birds which come to play in the water.

chickory said...

man cub! i love that. its hot here too - i bet you dont have the humidity though. be thankful. Boy was born into the super hot wasnt he? Glad to see your beautiful grandson thriving. Give kym a hug from all of us (koby trout chicks and me)

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Thanks for the update. He is a fine looking fellow. Give Kym a hug and an atta-girl for me.

As far as the heat, I'm seriously thinking about land in Canada.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm telling you that kids got great skin for being a newborn. Glad to here all is going well for him and Kym. Lets see the first food-in-the-hair picture which I'm sure you already have.

We just had a hail storm last night (and we never get those) with about 3" of rain. And we're in the low 90s all week. We needed the rain but I had to sit in the car (in my driveway) for 30 minutes until the hail stopped.

Troll said...

Cute kid. It's pretty hot in Troll County too but not THAT hot.

moi said...

Big hands and pinchable widdle cheeks! Be still my heart.

Hot here, too, but not as hot as you all (and our monsoon is in full force). In fact, S.B. currently cannot work in The OKC because of the heat. Everything fries and blows. So he's here at home, bugging the carp outta Moi :o)

Please send my love and congrats to Miss Kym. Hope to see her out and about a bit, soon.

Pam said...

Fishy: Husby has mostly given up watering the grass. Just trying to keep the trees going at this point. And you are right -- at least our heat is dry. Dang, sounds like the California desert or sumthing.

Chickie: Man-cub, I think it is from Jungle Book (Mowgli?) It is just how I think of this little guy, so very male.

Karl: Save an acre or two of that land iN Canada for me, would you?

Buzzy: I heard about that hail storm, didn't realize you were in the thick of it. Around here, people just put on their bicycle helmets if they have to get from A to B during hail. But that is pretty redneck, admittedly.

Trolly: But it is a dry heat here. Good for pamokc's sinuses.

Moi: Oh yes, I do believe our Caleb is gonna be a heartbreaker. He has my heart already. So SB was working in OKC and it was too hot so they sent him home? I have to say that I have been worried about those having to work outside in all this. Crazy hot. I don't see how anyone is doing it.

Thanks to ALL for the cute baby comments.... isn't he presh?

Boxer said...

what a boy. So happy to see he's healthy and thriving. Same with Kymmie.

No heat here and I'm not complaining. However, Nature is confused; our blackberries have blossoms, green berries AND a few beginning to ripen. Freaky. Typically they are ready to pick the 2nd/3rd week of August. Not this year.

Aunty Belle said...

Gorgeous HEALTHY Man-Cub!!!

Thank you heaven!

Hugs all around--kudos to Kymmie's hubby (yores too)

I can see ya's luvin' Grammy-hood!! Whoo hoo!!