Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Wednesday

  1. Sterling Cat caught a frog last night.  Wish I had a pic to post.  Evidently, it did not taste very nice as he had a snarly expression for the rest of the evening.
  2. We have rain.   Not much, but every little bit helps.  Because ….
  3. In July, we were the hottest place in the U.S.   Hotter than the desert SW or Houston.  Sheesh.  An official record.   If it isn’t extreme weather, we don’t get it here in OK.
  4. I keep getting a blue-screen of death on my computer at home, which isn’t very old.  It is telling me to delete recently added software.  Not sure what I have added that caused the blue screen, but am hoping the ‘puter hangs in there.  Don’t want to be buying new computers.  If it dies, I might just go off the grid.
  5. Do yourself a favor and see (on cable), The Lincoln Lawyer, with Matthew McCanaughey (or however you spell it) … very good movie, one of the best we’ve bothered to watch in a long time.
  6. Is anyone else watching Design Star?  Our little Edmond, Oklahoma gal is doing very well.  Kelly.  She seems very normal and I like her ideas.  I’m also loving Meg and the blonde from Dallas.  None of the guys seem to interest me.  But I bet Mark wins it because he looks good on camera and isn’t flamingly gay.
  7. I get to see my grandboy today.  I heart him very much.
  8. Am thinking of disconnecting our home phone before election season heats up.  We are already getting calls from the NRA about 2012 issues.  I don’t think I can handle it.
  9. I’m tired of being hot.  It just affects everything.
  10. Our new skyscraper has topped out at 50 stories.  The cranes will soon be gone and the finishing of the exterior will begin.  Wish I could see inside!  Looks magnificent.  Now if only the road construction would be completed, life could be normal again!
  11. I think Moi should go test-drive that car.  To my house.  And then we can go fizzy around for the rest of the summer.  Anyone else ready to play hookey from life for a while?


chickory said...

well i wont say how cool it is here but man was it hot when i left ga. all the food was burning up. sterling! let that be a lesson to you -killer! enjoy the baby boy -get a new computer - a mac -dont sweat the small stuff and xo to you!

Boxer said...

I'm watching Design Star. Don't know them well enough, but I like the hot blonde (gay?) and wasn't sorry to see the last one go. She was better at shopping than actually designing anything.

We've had the coolest Summer in the country and I think I'd take that over heat. So, sorry.

Did you tell Sterling that frog takes like chicken?

moi said...

We got a bunch of rain today, so maybe it's headed your way? Oh, no, if test drive that car, I might not bring it back :o)

But I'll second Chickory on getting a Mac.

fishy said...

Pay the $90 and go get the computer nerds to straighten out your computer. My newish laptop had a similar issue .... I was told there is a HUGE number of worms embedded in all kinds of online catalogs and there are crawlers of every description lurking to grab you.In some cases the notices you receive to upgrade security or even windows is bogus. Creeps.

I am weary of heat, humidity and the temperaments these conditions spawn.

Sign me up for the Fizzy tour in the Moi heartcar.

Hug that baby boy for me too! Soooo glad you get to have time with him.

On design star ...
so glad that awful Cathy woman is gone. Ugh! So far I haven't seen any standouts. I was horrified by the damage done to the bed and breakfast! I am pretty disgusted with the glaring lack of basic design principles being implemented. If the best thing you see at a wedding reception is skate board decks strung together ...

Troll said...

I suspect Matthew M. can't spell or pronounce his own name. So, why should we even try?

moi said...

I wonder if this would fly: I call up my local Mercedes dealership. They furnish me with the SLK, I do a x-country tour, visiting all my blog homies along the way, coast to coast, and catalog my experience with the roadster in a blog that they can use for advertising.

Pam said...

Chickie: It was Sterlie's first real kill (and boy did he take credit). Hmmm, a mac. I'd have to upgrade all PS software then. Hmmm. Food for thought.

Boxie: The blonde said she was married to a wife, so I'm thinkin ....yeah. This last one was on my last nerve.

Fishy: Good advice indeed. I think that's what I will do.

Troll: Good movie, Matthew or not.

Moi: Oh you must do that. Absolutely. Do a blog about it as well. You must.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yes we watched the Lincoln Lawyer and loved it too, so good I didn't just ogle Matt the whole time, which is my usual thing with his films!

Blah and so ready for snow it isn't funny!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Hmmmm don't see my comment so will try again, but then maybe you're a mod now?

Yes we have Lincoln Lawyer and loved it too. In fact I didn't just ogle Matt the whole time, which is the usual with his films!

Blah so ready for snow out here!