Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twenty Years

Today is our anniversary.  Twenty years!  How’d that happen?  I guess it is true that time flies when you are having fun.

So how did we celebrate?

Got home on Friday and was told to not make plans for the weekend.  Surprises were in store!  Checked in Saturday at the local fancy hotel, the Skirvin

As we were checking in, ran into Kathie, the bride from a wedding I was supposed to attend that day, but didn’t attend because I was told to not be making plans!  The bride and groom were staying there also!

We went down to the piano bar for an afternoon cocktail and ran into one of my favorite former Senators and current lobbyist from work, who was also staying in the hotel because his wife had a business conference upstairs and he’d been helping her out.

Then went and got all dressed up and ready to go to the fancy restaurant, when the horse and carriage arrived at the door to the hotel.  Who was it for?  Us!


Clippity clopped our way to the restaurant, Mickey Mantle’s Steak House, where we had a reservation. 

But a little two-piece band was setting up in the bar area and a booth was available, so we grabbed that instead.   Told the waitress to drop the reservation, we’d stay where we were.  So as soon as that happens, the staff starts un-doing a table they were doing up right next to us.  Husband asks if the Swedish Bikini Team had just cancelled.  No, waitress says, Bob Stoops’ (OU football coach)  favorite table wasn’t available and they were making him alternate arrangements here in the bar area.  But then a table DID just open up so Bob was taking that instead.  Uh, we now think Bob Stoops owes us big time for the table!   We didn’t see him though, however, I did peak into the main restaurant on a trip to the ladies’ room. 


The complimentary dessert from Mickey Mantle’s.  Dinner was a big, huge, yummy Pittsburgh style steak with creamed spinach.  Diet out the window this weekend!


Then surprised next day with mimosas in the Bride & Groom glasses from our reception way back when.  These things have not been out of the cabinet since … uh, I have no idea since when. 

Then a light brunch at another favorite little trendy restaurant, Cafe Nova, where our waitress turned out to be a favorite waitress from another restaurant we used to frequent more often, Flip’s, and now she works at this place instead.

Then it was home for a rest and then a quick visit to see Kymmie and family, where I got to play with my sweet grandboy and take a few pics.


Sigh.  What a great weekend.  What a wonderful life.  Real world starts again Monday morning.


Troll said...

Wow. That's a lot of planning. Husbands everywhere should take notes.

moi said...

Happy anniversary! Good on your hubs for coming up with such a great plan (the Skirvin is a beautiful hotel). I'm not sure I've ever had a Pittsburgh-style steak, so off to Google. Hope your fun weekend spills over into your week.

Buzz Kill said...

Happy 20th and I'm in awe of your husband. The Mrs gets upset with me because I don't do the kind of things he did this weekend - but I'm trying. I did take her to Atlantic City this weekend for the traveling American Idol show and a stay-over at the Trump Plaza. She seemed good with that.

Our 21st is in September and I think I'm going to do the Bed and Breakfast thing in Cape May like we did last year. I think I'm almost out of the dog house.

For dinner this weekend we ate at a very nice Italian restaurant that had a Grand Marnier Souffle for dessrt that reminded me of the dessert in your picture.

Pam said...

Trolly: Yep, he's awesome in the planning and set-up department. He's the type that can take months to set up just the right practical joke. He did good.

Moi-y: Pittsburth style, yummmmy. Evidently it comes from steel workers who would bring meat with them to work and would slap it on the side of broiling hot machinery to cook. VERY seared on the outside and close to rare on the inside. My fave.

Buzzy: Was this weekend a special weekend too? I've been out of the loop in checking everyone's pages over the last few weeks, so might have missed some details! Husband's trick for special weekends is in the planning ... and he always pulls in a memory from a previous event somehow. Like the champagne glasses. Who would have thought of it besides him? Not me!

P.S. to all: On my part, I splurged and bought him a bottle of 20 year old Glenlivet.

Boxer said...

wow. Nice man you have there. :-)

I think for our 20th we had pizza.

I think.

the horse/carriage is a nice touch.

Boxer said...

p.s. Happy Anniversary!!

Aunty Belle said...

aw.....this is so beautiful. Lovely weekend--clevah hubby!Yeah, Troll, Pam's man could give seminars--wow.

Congratulations PamOKC!!

Kymmie, Caleb an' his Daddy are a gorgeous family!!

chickory said...

very nicely done Mr. Pam. wow. Happy day to you. but just because you are in a state of bliss doesnt mean that a Haiku shouldnt be written. dont disappoint me.

moi said...

Seared on outside, rare on inside? Be still my heart. I have to go to Philly next week for an assignment, I wonder if they do something similar there?

Kymical Reactions said...

Happy Anniversary Mummy. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time. :)

Please note that I have not blow-dried or fixed my hair since about a month prior to Caleb's birth. We need to do some pics again when I have a chance to style my hair! xo.

fishy said...

Blessings on the next twenty!
Kudos to Mr. Pam for showing the love.

@ Kym
That style you are sporting is called "new baby" and it's just fine. It takes a while to remember to find/make/earn/ time for self.
Y'all look amazing and very happy.

Pam said...

Boxie, thanks, appreciated! But pizza is good too.

Aunty: I don't think we'd want him to give seminars on all things, but for the 20th, he did go above and beyond.

Chickie: I put a couple of haikus in for judging, but lame attempts, I know!

Moi: I think you have to go to a proper steak house ... not sure if the average Charleston's would do it ...??? But come to think of it, we did request at an Outback onetime and it was done pretty darn well.

Kymmie, you look beautiful as always and the glow of motherhood becomes you. But you are still my babygirl and always will be.

Fishy: Thanks so much, it has been a wonderful ride.