Saturday, September 17, 2011

Out Among the English


The 89th birthday celebration for mother-in-law Elsie.  All the family were there except two nieces and those back in Oklahoma.  Elsie is more frail every year but is getting around pretty good.  She has a new love in her life.  No, not the sweet elderly man named Jack (age 94) to her right.  It is this:

I’m sure if anyone else insisted she install one of these, she would have resisted.  But it was all her idea and it has been, in her words, a boon.  What a fantastic contraption.  I rode it myself.  


Happy 89th to my sweet mother-in-law, Elsie, who would never have let her husband squander that separation pay from the military after WWII in a pub had she known him at that time!  What fun and unexpected stories she comes up with when I see her.

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