Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Things and Vacy

Happy Sunday evening, everyone!  Been a busy weekend here.  Two little afternoon parties to go to … one a family baby shower.  It is extended family growth time, for sure.

Anyway, all of this means that I got to see Caleb on Satuday AND Sunday, both.  Makes me happy. 



On the way to the baby shower, passed my friend Jamie and her beau on the highway, riding their Harley, and not wearing helmets.  No camera, drat it.

Now, back to vacay.  Here was a highlight!

2011 VACAY0332

We had two days with no plans, so booked a last minute Eurostar ticket and spent a day in Paris.  Again, another place I never thought I would visit.  I know I have been leading a blessed life with the amount of travel we’ve done over the years.

Anyway, Paris impressions:

  • Not as big a place as I’d have thought.
  • Eiffel Tower more brown than black.  I had thought it was like wrought iron furniture for some reason.
  • A surly waiter can be a fun thing.  “No, I order for you, you will love!”  He was right.  We did.
  • I love tourist souvenirs.  I can’t help myself.
  • We didn’t climb to the top of anything but walked by as much as we could.  Only thing we missed was the Sacre Coeur area.
  • Realized that a person sitting next to me on a train might be planning a terrorist attack and I’d never know it … just have not picked up the French language, either written or oral.  Luckily, no terror attacks happened to which I would have had to testify.
  • Expensive for no good reason, but when in Rome …
  • When on the Metro, skip the big stations and go to the next one down the line.  Much easier to maneuver.
  • Don’t expect protein at breakfast.  Croissant and jam.  Underwhelmed on this.
  • Muslim women can’t cover their faces in France these days.  But they can wear huge fashionable sunglasses day and night for a next best effort.
  • They also read in Arabic on their Iphones.  I know this because I looked over shoulders on the subway system.
  • Pam’s Rule #1 for growing older ladies on a tour of France.  Never pass a restroom because you might not find another one.  Secret plan (A) for Rule #1 … cafes.  Sit down an order a drink.  Then you will be able to use their hidden facilities.
  • 2011 VACAY03732011 VACAY0374

If you had one day in Paris, what would you want to see or do?


carmar76 said...

Looks like paris was so much fun! it's not a city i'd ever thought i wanted to go - until i saw Monte Carlo (the selena gomez version) just recently. for some reason, the way it was shot or something, just made me want to visit. idk what i would want to do, tho - other than visit some shops & DEFINITELY some cafes! : )

Troll said...

I'd probably spend the whole day eating.

moi said...

Croissants and jam, whaddareyakiddingme? That, accompanied by cafe au lait, is the best thing about Paris! Also: brie and bread and fruit that is always fresh.

If I were to go back for just one day: morning at Guerlain, lunch stuffing my face smelling like a French hooker, afternoon at Hermes/Chanel, evening stuffing my face for one last time because I would now be broke.

Pam said...

Carmy: Sigh on the cafes. Definitely.

Troll: Eating your way through Paris is not a bad way to spend the time, at all. Steak Au Poivre seemed to be on every menu also.

Moi: Hmmm, I don't disagree. But after two weeks of a Full English breakfast, I was a little unsatisfied. Morning 2, we did venture out of the hotel to a cafe, which improved the breakfast experience. But the cheeses were never offered! Now re Guerlain and smelling like a French Hooker ... that is fantastic ambition.