Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tower of Devon

Remember last year when I posted a pic of a hole in the ground that would soon be our new skyscraper? You don't? Well, if i could take two minutes and find the link (but I shan't) I would repost it here.

Anyway, I was driving through downtown this morning on the way to work. Happened to have a camera with me. The tower has topped out at 50 stories. What is amazing to me is not just the height, but the girth of the building. I think most other buildings are about 1/4 of the ground area. See the tallish building over on the right? I used to work in that building. It was, at that time, the tallest structure in downtown OKC. I say that because it is DWARFED (dwarved?) by the new Devon Tower.

I think the Devon Tower is glad to see us.
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Brit Gal Sarah said...

It really is quite something, we plan on doing a drive-by when we are in the vicinity in a few weeks.

Pam said...

Let us know when you are in the vicinity, we can catch up on things maybe!