Friday, October 07, 2011

Baby Caleb and Baby Beans

caleb 10-110010

Just ‘coz I haven’t posted about Baby Caleb in a while … was over to their house on Wednesday to help with baby duties.  The Kymster and hubby have taken the steps so that she can be a stay-at-home mommy for a while.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they make this adjustment!  Things will be tight for them, I’m sure, but what mommy would want to leave this little guy at a day care center?  Their attempt to do so didn’t last a week.  A friend then watched him for a couple of weeks while she gave her official notice at the job.  So now, Baby Caleb has a full time mommy.  She has signed up to be a consultant for a line of products and hopefully that will take off a bit and she can run it from the house.

caleb 10-110003

And speaking of Kymmie, this little doll turned up this week.  Baby Beans.  I was digging around in the attic for a thing or two and ran across this little babydoll in a box of stuff.  Pulled it out, brought it downstairs and let her know of the discovery.  When I took it over on Wednesday, she was grabbing for it like she was three years old.  Baby Beans was the absolute most favorite doll, with the possible exception of Bruce the Cabbage Patch, of which I also found a pic recently:


Look at that Retro Diet Pepsi can!  Aren’t you glad they are bringing that back.  No, it was and still is the beverage of choice.  Wait a minute!  Who does Bruce the Cabbage Patch look just like?  Ahem ahem cough cough.

caleb 10-110013


carmar76 said...

awww, cutie!

and diet pepsi is the best diet cola. best! : )

chickory said...

vewy cute. Glad kym can stay home -its a good prayer. first two years are critical formation years. as a former teacher I can tell you this: childcare kids are not as developed as the ones raised by their mothers at home. damn to hell a culture that makes this a sacrifice - or requires both parents to work full time to stay above water. I would give up TVs, 2 cars or whatever else I had to to stay home with a child until 5 or 6.

moi said...

Caleb's a cutie, for sure. I hope it works out for them so Kym can stay at home at least a few years. I agree with Chickory—it's always best to have mom at home. Mine didn't go to work until we were in fourth grade, but I think that's just because she could no longer sucessfully lock us out of the house until dinner time :o)

Boxer said...

yay! to staying home. I read her angst on FB and it broke my heart... then I saw she was home and was so happy for both Caleb and Kym. It's not easy, but so worth the sacrifice. My nephews were never in day care, "we" helped at every opportunity and I KNOW those boys are so fabulous because no one but family ever raised them. Chickory's comment only made me happier for Caleb, Kym and my sister's family. Families raise families (and it takes a village) not day care companies.

Boxer said...

p.s Diet drinks are the devil. Do not drink them.

Pam said...

Carmy: Agreed! On the cutie and the cola :)

Chickie: Thanks for the good prayer. And thank you for the words of advice. I think the sacrifice will be well rewarded, and really, it is no sacrifice to be with your baby. She was thinking about a year or so but will tell her to read your comments.

Moi: Ha on being locked out of the house. Your mom and my mom, too. Mine never worked outside the home, unless you consider golf a job, which she did. But I always worked and Kymmie did day care and babysitters and it all worked out for us. Her commute to work was one hour each way, so just the time factor alone makes this a benefit for Caleb.

Pam said...

Boxie: Sigh, it is my one main vice. Love me a Diet Pepsi. And now a Snapple. In fact, I have Snapple caps to send to someone named Chickie. Yes, I'm very glad of this decision for the kids and that they have the chance to do this.

Aunty Belle said...

he is gorgeous!!
prayers for a stay home mommy.What Chick9 said is on the money.

Aunty Belle said...

he is gorgeous!

prayers for Kymmie---she is so right!