Monday, October 03, 2011

Best Idea I’ve Heard this Year.

Hmmmm.   I heard this really great idea last week.  Have been looking for time to write it down and talk about it some.  It involves Walmart, or other big-box stores, that we all hate and deplore. 

Small towns hate it when Walmart (or similar store) moves in.  Says it destroys their downtown areas. 

Here’s the idea:

Have Walmart move IN to downtown.  Why couldn’t they open up boutique style shops along Main Street and keep those historic buildings going? 

Why couldn’t Walmart open their automotive store where the one used to exist back in the ‘60’s?

Why couldn’t they open a dry goods store (or linen department) where the JC Penney used to be?

Why couldn’t the hardware department be located where the hardware store used to be?

Same with kids clothing; women’s clothing; men’s clothing …. all those stores USED to exist on Main Street.

Customers still park up and walk to different “departments” … but it supports the town and heck, might even help restore and build up the town.

Just food for thought.   Such a simple idea, yet …. brilliant?  Instead of trying to keep Walmart out, invite them in … but on Main Street instead.



Boxer said...

I know someone trying to work with Walmart as a vendor right now and I'll tell you... they have no repsect for products made in the USA. However, this is a great idea which is such a great idea it won't work... Walmart needs big spaces to do their BIG distribution. But you made me nostaligic for a time when small towns actually worked as a bidness model.

chickory said...

that is a cool idea. Now, if they would include local products as well, it would be ideal. Walmart is hard to work with because they are so big, they string out little vendors and contractors waiting to get paid. a drag! I hate it actually, but sometimes up here, it is the ONLY choice for certain things.

carmar76 said...

i love WM. i know, not the popular opinion. but i do. however, i know just like w/ any big corporation (or government!) there are many cons.

i like the idea of WM, etc. HELPING communities. allowing themselves to help communities instead of being so big they "can't." or something like that!!

Pam said...

Boxie: I think it is a great idea too. If this ever happens, I know who the woman is to credit with the idea. (Not me.) You'd think with their humble beginnings (small towns) that they might be switched on to this.

Chickie: Exactly with the local products! WM was supposed to build a boutique grocery store near us - sort of a concept store - but it never happened. I will admit that sometimes, you just have to do a WM run.

Carmy: Like Chickie said, I have been places where WM is the best and basically only option for shopping. I have nothing against them really. And it is my choice if I shop there.

Boxer said...

I was in WM last Saturday and they actually had products made locally; hoodies that had the name of the town on them and guess what? They were expensive by WM standards ($22.00) and were next to generic ones selling for $18.00. Still, I was happy to see the local addition.

Troll said...

Wal-Mart rocks and so do most surviving members of the Walton clan.

Question: Why does the media always pick on Wal-Mart when K-Mart/Sears, Kohl's, Target, Stein-Mart and others all do pretty much what Wal-Mart does but less effectively?

Answer: Because the Walton Family never gave in to extortionist tactics by union-goon-bosses and other scumbags.

If Kohl's did exactly what you propose, they'd be praised to the skies. If Wal-Mart did exactly what you propose, they'd be cursed to hell.

How big are the JC Penney Stores out there? The ones here are nearly as big as Old-Style Walmarts and located in Malls not Main Streets.

moi said...

I like the idea!

When Wal-Mart moved into the town 6 miles up the road from us, they agreed to build according to New Mexico-style architectural covenants and to improve the two major east/west and north/south streets that bisect the town at its middle. They widened the road, installed beautiful lamposts, and put in several miles of walking/biking paths in each direction, which we run on all the time. They also feature produce from local growers, something my regular grocery store in town doesn't do. So I'm sure Wal-Mart is starting to think more and more outside the box about ways in which to serve their communities.

Boxer said...

to Troll - Costco is apparently crushing Walmart or says an online article I read last week.

Pam said...

Troll, agree with you that it could be any store trying this out. I just find it sad that so many little towns around here have empty buildings in their Main Street area ... just think it would be nice if the two worlds could collide.

Moi: When WM was going to build their boutique grocery store, it was to be right on our (then) corner. They were very good working with the city and the neighborhood assn (another subject) making concessions to protect the area.

Boxie: We don't have costco in this area (that I know of)...