Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inspector Lewis inspects the studio


So, here’s my project lately.  A little photo studio set-up in my office!  I’m pretty pleased with this.  Found the “beginner” continuous lights for the lowest price possible.  Bought one box of the cheapest of the cheap laminate floor from the local Habitat for Humanity Renovation Station.  Stepstool has been around since forever.  Had to move a piano to get this done.  Not too pleased with location of light sockets, but have to live with what is available!


But of course, Lewis, had to make sure we did everything correctly.  Little did he know, however, that he was a test subject!  These are un-retouched pics.  Of a black cat.  I’m pretty pleased with the lights as far as his features coming up with no extra work!



Thinking about that step-stool … will he do it?  Yes, he will!


Hmmm, but now I have a shadow. 


Yes, Lewis, I will adjust that light stand down a bit.  Just for you.


How’s this working for you, Lewby?? 

I’m pretty pleased with my little studio.  Got to try it out this weekend when nephew Erik was over for a BBQ.  He is back state-side after his FOURTH tour in Iraq.  But now he has a promotion, some classes to do, and then he gets a state-side job for a while.



moi said...

Nice! Glad to hear your nephew is back safe and sound. Lewis is cute, but you know my heart belongs to Sterling.

Pam said...

Sterling was in the vicinity but was distracted by the next thought that entered his head. To quote Sterling, "Dooodahh dummm dumm dah."

Buzz Kill said...

I like your studio corner. Are you going to have some kind of changeable backdrop? I wish I knew how to take a picture.

Anyway, I seem to be back and will start posting again after this weekend. It's family weekend at The Boy's college and we're going for the WHOLE weekend. Thanks for asking about me.

Pam said...

Buzzy, good to hear from you. Yes, I hope to figure out a cheap alternative to some of the backgrounds on the market that I like. W hich are not the cheap ones.