Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Protester Guy … Again

My favorite protester guy who lives not so far from us has had a passel of old school desks delivered and dumped in his front yard.  And when I say passel, I mean probably a few hundred.  Here’s a pic of a few of them, taken through the car window.


He obviously has an ongoing war happening with a local realtor and the City Council.  I’ve posted about him a time or two before when he puts something interesting out on the property.  I could not pass up taking pics of these recent signs!


Let’s look closer at the white sign.  Yowza.


Now, get this.  Who is the proud owner of one of those school desks now?  Me.  Yep, me!  Sitting in my garage.  I happened by this guy’s property one day when he was driving his Bobcat out to dump those school desks and thought … I need one.  Now.  So my car turned itself into his driveway and I caught his attention.  I told him I admire his protests.  He said most neighbors don’t.  I told him that I don’t drive by his house often enough to be annoyed by him.  He liked that answer.

And I got me a school desk.  For one dollar.  Bargain! 

And can I say when husband went with me to pick up the desk, we got on and off that property as fast he possible.  But me and protestor guy are pals now.

His feud with the city is over zoning.  He has two acres that he purchased to build a home on and at the time was told that his corner lot had ‘commercial potential.’  The city council has never approved any business idea he has had.  So now he is in the scrap metal business, whether it is out of necessity or to annoy the hell out of the realtor lady who is pushing the fancy houses down the road … the behind the gate kind of houses, you know what I mean. 

Anyway, the lengths this guy goes to with his protests … just gotta admire it!  Unless you lived across the street in that gated community. Winking smile


carmar76 said...

wow! that's all i can say about that. *laugh*

Troll said...

The sign is hilarious. Especially ass, grass or cash! Hope you didn't tell him you have political connections.

Boxer said...

We have a protestor house a few blocks away but they leave hand written signs outside that get wet and soggy and tshirts and shoes. I'm not sure why they have shirts/shoes? Anyway, it's a big mess but I can appreciate their need and desire to express their unhappiness with our government. And.. they aren't on my block. Ha!

What are you going to do with the table? Nicely done!

Buzz Kill said...

I'm glad to hear you took the "cash" option. Bwahahaha

Pam said...

Carmy: I don't have a wide angle lens wide enough to get the "whole protest" in one shot. Maybe I should stitch together a panoramic.

Trolly: Hilarious it is! I don't have political connections. I know some politicians. Doesn't mean I have connections. ;)

Boxie: Oh, you must post pics and we can compare protesting neighbors! That's how I feel about this guy -- if I lived across from him he might annoy me. Re the table -- it is a proper little school desk. I am going to hose it off and put it in grammy's play room for Caleb!

Buzzy: Cash donations only, please.