Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For these things, I am Thankful …

This little boy, who brought us a big scare during his first week on this planet:



caleb 11-11-11-014

This grown man and the places he takes me:



2011 VACAY0487

And these characters:


Sterling aka Laser-Lock Boy; Bruiser Boy; Stewart; Stew-ster; Troublemaker; and You Little Bastard.


Lewis aka Inspector Lewis; Lewbie; Loubie-ton; Lewis Hamilton; Number One Cat; The Best Cat.


Sally aka So-So Beans; Mouse Killer; Girlcat; Cat-Who-Lives-Under-A-Chair. 


So basically, am thankful for my life, my world, my family, my daughter and son-in-law, my hoobie, my friends, the roof over my head, my ability to make a living, my health and the restoration of my health.

For these things Lord, I am thankful.


Troll said...

Great post!

Boxer said...

amen, Pam. It's important to take a moment and really think about the good things in life rather than the things we think we NEED.

Wishing you and your wonderful family a fabulous Thanksgiving.

BUT! Please don't shop on Friday.

Boxer said...
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Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Give Kym a hug and an atta-girl for me.

Aunty Belle said...


Lovely post--an' the ADORABLE BABY BOY!


happy Thanksgivin' to all yore kin, Pam OKC.

carmar76 said...

AMEN! it's good to be thankful!

moi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, you rockin' OKC Gal, and to everyone you hold dear. Give my best to Kym and tell her I'm using the tote to transport today.

chickory said...

wonderful - and beautifully illustrated. Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful for you! have a wonderful day. xo

Pam said...

Troll: Am so glad and thankful you rejoined blog world!

Boxie: Not much I need these days and for that I am very thankful indeed! Hope you are having a great holiday.

Karl: I will do, I am proud of my girl and she has taken to mommyhood very well. Not without the blank stares of exhaustion though!

Aunty: Is that boy not the cutest thing ever? Of course he is!

Carmy: Amen amen!

Moi: Ooooh, which tote did you get? I have a feeling that I will have the whole catalog at some point .... There is one big tote that I am just in love with.

Chickie: Thanks for stopping by. I am very thankful to have stumbled into this little blog group!

moi said...

I got the big insulated one with the colorful polka dots pattern. I'll be using it again tonight.