Saturday, November 12, 2011

How I spent 11-11-11 or the Caleb Report


He was born on 7-7-11.  And I spent a good part of the day with the boy on 11-11-11.

caleb 11-11-11-015

His mommy is exhausted.  He might have her number already too, because he watches her moving around the house and does some attention-demanding noises as she goes by … which of course works for him.  I told her that if he is dry, not hungry, not hurting, nothing poking him … she better let him cry it out once or twice so that she keeps the upper hand in this relationship.  Get your bluff in early, my mom always said!

Caleb is …

Growing like a weed.  Might be starting on cereal in a few days if doctor gives approval.  I think his parents better get used to feeding this boy.  He’s gonna stay honnn-grrry, no doubt.

Not sitting up yet, but getting close.  Strong with his legs, he will stand up for a long time while on your lap.  And don’t take a bottle away from him before he is ready.  It breaks his wittle heart.

And I get to see him for a while tomorrow too!  Then I get to go take pics for another new baby born in the extended family, Baby Raife.  Don’t you just LOVE that name? 

Hope everyone is having a good Veteran’s Day weekend.  Not getting lost in the woods.  Running up mountains.  Getting work orders out.  Organizing photos from a European trip.  Putting their jorts away for the winter. 


chickory said...

Isnt it great to have Grandmother around to show you the ropes!? By all means get the psychological upper hand early on. I was the 4th child. My parents were totally immune to my noises.

moi said...

A friend of mine had twins back in March. She just turned 40. She's still not speaking in complete sentences . . . But it will all be okay in about 18 years :o)

Boxer said...

I was the middle child so I was ignored also. :-) I can see it would be hard NOT to pick him up all the time..... because he's s super cutie.

fishy said...

Jeez .... you coulda said
" burning the jorts "

Sorry, I got distracted.

Caleb is one beautiful boy! He looks robust and if no cereal is passing those lips.... no wonder Kymster is exhausted. I've read enough of her take on the world to know she will get this parenting mission mastered too :-)

Enjoy! Enjoy! He will not stay in one place much longer and once those games begin .... look out!

moi said...

@Fishy: Alas, the Trollster abides in Floduh. I don't think it ever gets cold enough for him to put away OR burn the jorts. Shall we hire someone to do it for us?

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

I know it's hard for Kym to understand this now. Yet letting him cry it out on his own. Will do lots for her and for him in the long run.

Sorry I haven't been around much, I saw your post on Cardiff. What a lovely city. There was a pub there, that had a stream flowing through it. They served one of the best lunchs I've ever had.