Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Notes from the Epicenter of the Apocalypse

  1. Computer woes continue.  Seems to be narrowed down to video card issues.  Geeks in my future.  Possibly a new CPU.  Heavy sigh.
  2. Baby Caleb is wonderful.
  3. Work has been busy.  New boss is cool lady.  Wish I was going to have her for a longer period of time.
  4. Herman Cain.  Hmmmm.  Latest allegations?  Sounds like any date I ever went on in the 1980’s.  I bet men all over the world are re-thinking their decision to run for president.  How many men would pass the “I never tried to feel up a girl in a car” test?  Ahem.  I rest my case.
  5. Baby Caleb is probably the cutest baby ever born.
  6. Earthquake insurance has been acquired.  Had to pass a couple of days on a moratorium for it … but agent says we now have it.  If a 5.7 can level buildings in Turkey, a 5.2 here can do the same.  
  7. Earthquakes make me nauseous.  Pukey even.  I had to take a dramamine because I felt so ill after that second one that was so strong.  Me no likey.
  8. Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and hail all in one day is too much, even for us weather-hardened Okies.  Everyone is looking for plagues of grasshoppers and rivers of blood next.  I mean seriously, how much more, Mother Nature …. HOW MUCH MORE???
  9. How about my Oklahoma State Cowboys?  GO POKES!  A #2 team in the nation?  Good goin’ Gundy!  I think he is a man on a mission.  Can’t say I like the guy but he has done great things for OSU.   Pistol’s blazin’ for my Cowboys!  And if OU is the spoiler?  Ahem ahem, I guess it would be a payback.
  10. I get to see Caleb on Friday.  And he brought me a hamburger yesterday.  He’s so sweet that way.
  11. Just realized a day or so ago that I am about a month late in sending birthday wishes to my old friend Bev in Texas.  Had drinks with the K&C Survivor Group this week and realized that I had really really really forgotten this year.  So Bev, if you are reading this, you are probably caught up with my life anyway, but I do have a pic to send you of me, BevS and Susan from Tuesday night!  Diane has had shoulder surgery so she wasn’t there.
  12. Decision time might be upon me …. unplug the CPU and take in for a new motherboard and/or video card and/or fan for video card … or new CPU altogether.  And don’t say go Mac … I can’t afford to replace all my software too.   HEAVY SIGH.
  13. Is anyone else reading this website?  … OMG hysterical.  I happen to like Pioneer Woman’s website, but can see where and why some people don’t think much of her.  It doesn’t stop the fact that I also adore a great parody.  Especially one done with I Love Lucy dolls.  Senator’s Wife, no disrespect to your good friend, I still love her and her site.  But I laughed out loud when I read about the MM sandwich on Pie Near.  I will admit it.  I realize Pie Near is a hater, but those pics are a scream.  Lord, I apologize, for thinking it is funny.

UHOH, I think the screen is about to go.  Better publish while I can.


carmar76 said...

i like the layout.


had to read the spoof site - oh my heck!

caleb is such a sweetie!! : )

Mike (The Man) Gundy said...

I am a Man! A 44-year-old Man!

Troll said...

I've never seen the Pioneer Woman's blog but she was on "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" recently. The parody-site is funny but prolly better for those who know the subject of the parody.

moi said...

A good friend of mine is a childhood friend of Pioneer Woman's—just another thread in the tapestry of my weird-ass connection to the state of Oklahoma—and this parody is SPOT ON HILARITY!

Pam said...

Carmy: Thanks about the layout. I was ready for a change.

Mike the Man: Thanks for stopping by! Can you get me a pair of tickets to the Bedlam game? I've been a lone Cowboy supporter in an army of Sooners so many times, I deserve them!

Troll: Yes, PW was on Throwdown last Thanksgiving, unless she has done another one lately that I don't know about. I haven't caughter her Food Network shows either. But I will make a point to watch HGTV when the room remodel show is on! There is some controversy about her family ... she definitely married a richy rich rancher guy, but by all appearances to me, they work hard to be successful.

Moi: Then I bet your friend knows Senator's Wife, who was in the PW/MM wedding back in the day. It was the Senator's assistant who told me about her site ages ago now because of all the photography tips and tricks, then like everyone else I got addicted to the site. PW isn't around so much any more on the blog and so i don't follow as much. BUT. Let's talk about that parody site. o.m.g. o.m.g. o.m.g. Best new thing I have seen in ages.

Boxer said...

after our big earthquake here in 2001 when I went outside my office and watched the street ROLLING like a wave, I felt like I had vertigo for days afterwards, so I understand. No one has earthquake insurance in my part of the world, it's too $$$.

I'm going to check out the parody because I love a good laugh and ....

yes. Baby Caleb is the cutest baby. his expressions crack me up.

moi said...

Not sure if she knows the senator's wife. She's lived here for nearly 20 years now, but the majority of her (huge) family is still in the state, so I'm sure one of them does.

BTW, did you get on the Food Network site and check out PW's kitchen? Concrete counter tops, don't cha know. My Holy Grail.

Pam said...

Boxie, rolling like a wave???? Holy moly moly. An old boss of mine was in the alaska one in the 60 s and remembers the ground opening up and closing. Terrifying! Will stick with tornados... You can keep the quakes, ok???

Moi: I followed that lodge remodel on her blog at the time. No question this fam had money before the bloh ever started. Guess money finds money.

moi said...

Yes, I believe they are quite well off. Although how anyone makes good money—and retains it—in cattle these days is beyond me.

I suppose some folks would say that she got to this rock star-esque position because her money allowed her to stay home and tinker, but her story and life IS compelling. She was smart enough, impassioned enough, to snatch on to that fact, realize that the rest of the world might enjoy taking a peek into this rarified environment, and then proceeded to showcase it beautifully and with good humor. She could have just become a lady who lunches (albeit the drive may have hindered her in that respect), but instead, she stayed home, schooled four kids, taught herself the technology, and figured out how to give her life meaning out there on lonesome range. I give her many props.

Aunty Belle said...

Whoa whoa whoa!!

Time to move--prices in Floridy is bargain basement so c'con down!
(jes stay off the beach property--hurricanes doan hurt much inland) Bring Kymmie an' adorable CJ an' the attached menfolks--our deer is smaller, but our gators is huge!! Football ain't bad either.

Whar's I been???

I doan kjnowwhat in tarnation y'all is tawken about--well, I dod see that Bobby Flay show wif some uber confident ranch woman, but I never knowed she had a blog ( does she? ) or a SHOW???

so now thar's a parody? Well...lemme go check it out.

Who is the Senator's Wife?

I musta fallen down a hole when I warn't lookin'.

Pam said...

Moi, I agree with you totally. She has a unique viewpoint on a totally all-American lifestyle. And I love the sense of humor. One day, I will win a camera or something off of her because I enter each of those contests she throws! But I hope she has the ability to stay "one of us" after the cameras point her way!

Auntie: There is a link to Pioneer Woman on my sidebar. I've followed her blog for a long time. She has lots of fans. Part of the blog is for cooking; part is photography; part is her daily life on the ranch. Lives on a remote ranch in NE Oklahoma. Senator's Wife is someone I know who knows PW, who is now on her second cookbook, has a children's book, a successful blog and about two million hits a day or something like that. The parody site is just that ... someone making fun of the PW posts. Obviously someone envious or critical of the PW success story.