Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy OKC

Posted by PicasaI was downtown late this afternoon and happened across the Occupy OKC movement.  This is it.  Some tents pitched in Kerr Park.   Maybe 20 or 25 altogether.  Assuming 2-3 people per tent, maybe less than 100 people are occupying OKC.  I'm not overly concerned about anarchy here.

On another note, sad tonight for my OSU Cowboys.  They lost a big game tonight after hearing this morning of a tragic plane crash which took the lives of their women's basketball coaches.  And a former State Senator, and no I didn't know him, but might have met him at an Old Timer's dinner maybe.   Still, the game was a heartbreaker, but not in the same heart-break league as the loss of life.  This comes on the heels, seemingly, of the other plane crash that took the lives of several OSU coaches and students about 10 years ago.

Having said that, I will be the first to call fraud if Weeden gets the Heisman ... how can someone 28 years old still be playing college football anyway?  This is taking perennial student status way too far.

Computer problems still come and go, so sorry I haven't been around to anyone's page this week.  But I have been watching a couple of wonderful video commercials featuring a certain dog and a few chickens and am wondering if Sterling could come up with me a story line so I can hop in the competition also.

Will be Caleb-Sitting tomorrow for the better part of a day!  Wish me luck!


moi said...

Terrible news about that crash. I think a female coach or assistant coach from UNM was on the plane as well. Sorry about the game loss. We pull for all things OKC, too.

Boxer said...

Our Occupy people shut down a bridge on Monday night and therefore pissed off the rest of the city. But, I agree, I'm not too worried about anarchy. Just annoyance.

Sterling! send me video and I'll make a star outta that boy!

Boxer said...

and, my heart goes out to the families of the basketball team.

carmar76 said...

sorry for the loss of the coaches. SAD! :(

i'm not sure i understand why the tent ppl are occupying OKC? i mean, i understand protesting, but seems like now the "occupy movement" is just an excuse to get outta work & squat in a park? :|

Troll said...

Occupy Troll County lasted about a day.

fishy said...

You know ... I was traveling when the occupy stuff started, I had a brief hope it was about forcing Congress and the administration to tighten up and do something responsible.

Now it just seems like a bunch of whiners without a mission just a hand out.

Sorry about the losses.

Thank goodness you have Caleb to shine a light:-) Enjoy! They don't stay babies for long.

Pam said...

Moi: The crash is terrible, but why an 84 year old man is flying around in a 1964 airplane is beyond me, let alone flying university coaching staff.

Boxie: Blocked a bridge in your part of the world? Throw them over!

Carmy, I think you are right. And the big effort by this group was to organize a march to city hall (about 3 blocks) and protest for an hour. Otherwise, it is just tents in a nice park.

Troll: Did you ward them off with an evil eye or something?

Fishy: Am enjoying every minute that little bundle of boy named Caleb. He can occupy my house any time.

Aunty Belle said...

sorry fer the loss of the coaches--and the game wha'??? a 28 year ole collich ball palyer--FOUL!

As fer the occupy deadbeats--may they all git lice.

Kiss our Caleb!