Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I got nothin’ to talk about this week.  So am going with randomness to move this page along a little bit and see what comes out.

1. X Factor.  I could not be more bored with a program.  I got up halfway through it tonight to come in to the computer.  I like the big guy and hope he does well but am too bored to call in a vote.  I like L.A. Reid and think he is switched on, except I hate his big productions.  I’m waiting for Simon and Nicole to start dating once the show is over.  Rumors online say that he will take her to the UK for X Factor there and dump Kelly Rowland.  Hmmmm.  Possibly.    Paula is still bat-shite crazy but is stringing a sentence together, not that it is anything interesting in the way of Paula Drivel.  And Simon?  I am totally off his team after those “home visits” where the “girls” had to sing for him poolside while he is sitting there like Jerry Sandusky eyeing a ten year old.  

2.  Sandusky.  Speaking of Jerry Sandusky, this goes beyond mind boggling.  I never never NEVER did like Joe Paterno.  He is as creepy as they come.  The fact that he would let this go on under his big nose is the most disgusting aspect of the whole case.  Molesting the boys?  Absolutely disgusting.  Knowing about it and ignoring it?  Beyond Forgiveable.  Is Paterno a Catholic?  I would like to know.  This is equal to the Pope reassigning a child-molesting priest.  If not higher in disgust factor, because it is COLLEGE football, a religion bigger than, say, religion.

3.  Religion.  Hmmmm.  Not saying I’m having doubts about it.  But am suffering from a bit of boredom there also.  Nothing is drawing me in at the moment.  Needing some awesomeness and not feeling it.  All seems like too much work.

4.  Work.  Busy season is drawing near.  Things are warming up.  The heat up will come in February.  Lots of changes in the recent past and one doesn’t look good for the future of yours truly.  I either have one year or five years before being dumped if a certain rule doesn’t change.  But I’m working on it, I can tell you.  Planting seeds where-ever and whenever I can.  Not sure if I have the heart to sit and watch some of us get picked off one by one.  Note to bosses everywhere:  Don’t forget who helped get you there.  And I also mean this collectively, as a group.  The group of bosses, I mean.  Ahem.

5.  Political candidates.  Phone rang tonight.  Caller ID said “Newt 2012.”  Didn’t answer.  Nothing wrong with Newt and he might end up being The One.  Who knows.  Who cares.  None of them inspire me either.  I’m not giving him (or them) money.

6.  Money.  Getting tighter all the time.  No raise in years and years.  Not one on the horizon for years and years.  Sideline money also drying up.  Thinking of trying to get ahead by going with a part-time job the way a friend at work is doing.  Get some things paid off, paid down, that kind of thing.  Thinking about it.  Wish the photo sideline was more $$-ish.  So, am I mall bound on the weekends?  Perhaps.   If I had the energy.

7.  Energy. Discussed over on Boxie’s page about energy or lack thereof.  Like Boxie, am taking Vitamin D3 in a large quantity and it helps.  Need to be consistent with it.  Also am taking, when I remember, an adrenal supplement tablet.  Have developed a taste and craving for the apple cider vinegar.  Am also doing “oil pulling” which I totally buy into … the theory that what is going on in your mouth is indicative of the health of your body as a whole.  Swish the oil (mine is currently walnut oil) around in your mouth every morning, spit it out and discard (not down the drain).  Helps to pull toxins and nasties out of your body.  I think I had lots of toxins and nasties.  I am on my third bottle of oil.  First was olive oil.  Too strong.  Made it through though and switched to sesame oil.  Not strong enough.  This bottle of walnut oil is just perfect for me.  And productive.  Won’t discuss the nasties brought up.  But somehow, about a week into the walnut oil, I really do think everything kicked in and I really believe my body chemistry is changing back to normal.  At last.  At long last.

8.  Troll.  What’s he doing in Vegas, announcing someone as winning an award?  I looked up conventions in Vegas to see what might be going on but too many to pinpoint.  Oh the mystery!

9.   Mystery.  Have lost certain documents on the new computer.  Must stop blogging now and go find.  Also, I bought a CD labeling package and must load software.  This could be fun trying to figure out and make it look professional and creative.  I think I need a logo.  Or, a better logo. 

10.  Christmas.  My decorations are ornaments in a coffee table bowl.  Lights in a window.  We might throw some in an outdoor tree also.  We are on the low key bandwagon this year.  Only one important person needing pressies in our lives right now.  Love that grandboy-child.  The rest of us are getting one thing (from me) and that is going to be *IT*.

11.  Work Christmas. Today we gathered in the Lounge, glittered up some home-made snowflakes to hang on the tree, and video’d ourselves singing the B.C. Clark Jingle to be played back during our potluck luncheon next week.  The jingle has a life of its own.   It is OKC tradition.  Here’s the lyric. 

Jewelry is the gift to give, ‘cause it’s the gift that will live and live. 

So give the gift you know can’t fail from B.C. Clark’s anniversary sale. 

Most sales are AFTER Christmas, but Clark’s is just BEFORE! 

Most everything is marked way down, savings you can’t ignore! 

From Oklahoma’s oldest jeweler, since 1892. 

So gift the gift you know can’t fail, from B.C. Clark’s anniversary sale.

Sorry for rambling, guess I had more to talk about than originally intended.  Hope everyone is well.  December is upon us.


carmar76 said...

like the rambling, pam! : ) also, from reading your blog, i have become a fan of that great okc traditional song. lol!

Boxer said...

Actually, it seems you have a lot to talk about. :-) And it was nice to read, although I'm sorry for your stresses which can build up and make us tired.

I stopped Watching X-Factor after the first episode. It's because of Paula Abduhl. She hit Simon Cowel and I had bad flashbacks to A.I. and turned it off. That doesn't mean I'm watching less crap TV.... just a different channel.

If we didn't have light bulbs, we'd all be hibernating with the bears this time of year.... I think our bodies need more "down time" and that's just the opposite of what happens during the holidays.

Counting your blessings, as in your grandson is the best tonic for dreary days. xoxoxo

moi said...

Suddenly, I have the beginnings of a pop song blooming in my head titled, "Ramblin' Pam." Keith Richards on guitar, of course . . .

I can't even THINK about the Penn State debacle. It's horrifying beyond comprehension and the people who knew about what was going on should rot in hell right along with the sick f - - - - er Sandusky himself.

Energy: what do you do for exercise? I know, I know, I preach this over and over and over, but, seriously, it works.

Troll: Wouldn't it be fun if we had unlimited resources to jet a gaggle of gals over to Vegas and hit every hotel shouting for Troll? We'd find him under a poker table, I'm sure, bribing the drinks girl to steer us off his course :o) You cannot hide from us, Troll, no, sir. You cannot.

Aunty Belle said...

Whoa! WHOA!!!

Thas' a whole lot to jabber on fer "nothin' to talk about."

Somethin' on Penn State:

Data indicates that the worst chile sex abuse is at school from teachers an' school employees. Hofstra University study found 290,000 U.S. school students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a school employee in jes' ONE decade--1991-2000.

This dwarfs reports in all other categories (scouts, religion, medicine--pediatrician in Delaware last year--, sports). Heck, even the US Dept of Education admits that between 6-10% of US school chillen is molested. Why ain't we hearin' of this? Powerful teachers unions? Or the media doan find pandemic student abuse as dramatic as big name coaches or religion? I wish't I knew.

# 3 on Religion--it's like marriage, thar's good times and times when ya' is mildly bored wif it, then thangs come around again--hang in thar.'

#4 work? eeek--doan like the sound of that, but all manner of NEW rules comd come into play--again, hang in thar.'

# 5- Sorry, but Newt is a globalist--buddies with Toffler, and Newt is an early member of the World Futurist Society--he will not respect our constitution or sovereignty.

#6 Let's think how ya can git that photo sideline geared up to bring in more???

7 --oh mercy--this is an entire post--hope you find out the energy secret--Aunty has same issues. The oil thang? never heard of this--more research ahead. Have increased mah Vitamin D
thanks to y'all two--thanky.

#8 Troll-WOW! Ya thought to try to figger out what he's up to--man oh man, PamOKC, thas' impressive.

@ Moi--HOWL!!!

9-11....out of energy, need to say good night--

BUT love on that grandboy--thar's yore real treasure!!!