Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day and the Christmas Guests


Merry Christmas, ya'll!  

Greetings from us.  It was a most important Christmas – our first one ever with this little guy:


BABY CALEB.   Future world class scene stealer.



Yep, a light in my life, this grandboy of ours.  Such a schweetie!

We have had a lovely Christmas season.  Guests coming in to town have been a lot of fun and definitely took us out of our comfort zone.  As most folks know, we have been hosting a couple of boys from the UK.  I say boys, but really they are young men, ages 20 and 16.  And they want to do things, not just look at things.  So we have been On.The.Go.




We have taken them to the gun range to shoot pistols.  Well supervised of course.  Girl in pink?  Nickname:  Terminator Barbie.  But shooting guns is not something they would get to do in the UK and they were all over it like a rash. 



Snow tubing at the Redhawks stadium in Bricktown.


Climbing the land run monuments.

Watched movies on U-Verse.

And the lads are this guy’s new best friends:


And at some point, I will get some rest.  I shall be ready.  Oh yes.


Aunty Belle said...

rest when youse old--have FUN!!!!

That Caleb is a scene stealer!! Kiss the cute face fer Aunty.

Happy Boxing Day to yore UK guests.

moi said...

Merry, merry! You're a good hostess, Pam! Those boys will remember this trip forever.

And Caleb's got me thinking about a new business: Rent-a-Baby. :o)

Pam said...

Aunty: I promise to kiss Caleb for you next time I see him which is hopefully this weekend! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Moi: I hope so! They have had the toughest of years but if a trip to Hooters doesn't convince a red-blooded male that life is worth living, nothing well, eh?

Karl said...

Happy Boxing Day Pam,(Yeah I know I'm a day late)

That boys facial expressions are priceless.

You have given your guests, a gift that will make them legends in their neighborhood. To have had the opportunity of shooting a handgun is an experience few of their friends will get to have. Might be a better choice than Hooters. Good choice.

Pam said...

Karl: The boys took to shooting, no doubt. The gun range was too busy to do rifles as well. I have a feeling they might find a way to get back come summertime so they can have a full Oklahoma lake experience. I better start trying to remember what friends have lake cabins. Merry merry to you Karl!

Aunty Belle said...

Baby renting!

Start wif' Aunty!!

Ditto Karl= them boys ain't offered many shootin' opportunities. HEh

Scout said...

First off, baby Caleb is adorable! So so cute. Now then, you live in Oklahoma, you have a gun range close by for practicing and whatnot.....time to get a gun!! Terminator Barbie ain't got nothin on you Pam!