Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Guests–Day Four

I missed the Day Three outing, having had other things to do.  Like check in at the office.  But was back on duty for Day Four, which went like this.

Sonic Drive-In.  Made the older boy, James, drive and do the ordering.  Only one slightly English driving mistake.  Meaning, one quick wrong-side-of-the-road episode.  Quickly corrected, however.  But the full Sonic experience must include actually driving in and pushing the button to order.  Shame there were no car-hops on roller skates.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Bass Pro Shop.  Younger boy, Charlie, loving this store!  He has the makings of a bona fide Okie. 




Then home for a cup of tea, watch the end of the Tottenham/Chelsea match, pick up the hubby and then we headed for:

day four - 8

Indoor go-kart racing.

day four - 9

Followed by Chicken Wings at Hooters.  The guys sure did love the chicken wings.


And the day ended with a tour of the Christmas lights at Chesapeake.


Then home to watch the X-Factor Finale.  Am pretty sure Simon rigged it so his girl would win.  Am underwhelmed.  Josh was my fave, but I thought Chris Rene would take it all.  Shows what I know.


chickory said...

Hooters! Inspired thinking. yes, I believe you hit all the *high*lights of Murken culchur. You are the fun hostess!!

Merry Christmas sweet PamOKC. Have a blessed Christmas, a merry time, lots of laughs and a very happy New Year

Boxer said...

Hooters was brilliant. You're doing a great job and I hope you're having some fun too.

Merry Christmas Pamie-kins! Enjoy your family and that beautiful little Caleb.

fishy said...

Bass Pro Shop, Go-Karts and Hooters all in one day! These boys will never want to leave. Isn't it fun to have a change of pace in your own life? I think this is the bonus blessing of having guests.
Merry Christmas to all!

moi said...

Hah! You really did go to Hooters! That just cracks me up.

Wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas. I hope your day is filled with wonderful things, including lots of grandbaby smooches. And please give my well wishes to Kym, too.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas Pam,

Gee whiz, I don't think I've ever been to a Hooters. I may have to correct that.

May the fun continue and you have a wonderful holiday.

chickory said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Curmudgeon said...

I cracked up I thought the Christmas lights one was about the Hooters girls. Merry Christmas. I've been having probs with my blog. If you were going to enter a haiku. the topic is sweet and the post is right below my Christmas pics or if you hit older posts it will pop up. It's Christmas night here and I feel like a roadie for the trans Siberian orchestra. I'll be so glad when I have everything put away and cleaned up.