Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Guests–Day Two

A trip to the somber OKC Bombing Memorial.


Then off to Penn Square Mall, where this happened.


Oh yes, they did!

Then some pointless driving around until we decided this was the thing to do:


Batting cages! 

Look at that swing and follow through.  Never swang a bat before today.  Natural athletes, both of these guys.


Then it was Thunder time!  Where all the guys met the Thunder Girls.


We want these boys going home saying, “God Bless America!”


moi said...

I noticed that form, too. Nice.

Brilliant ideas, all the way around, even the bombing memorial (I mean, how can you not). But they'll most likely remember baseball and boobs the most :o)

Did they buy a pair of cowboy boots? Every time I've hosted a family member or friend from overseas, that's what they wanted to buy first.

Troll said...

That should have been a great day for them. Yeah, that was a good swing.

Photo Contest at the Troll Stroll.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Looks like the visit is going well. Thunder girl's would be a good souvenir.

carmar76 said...

you are really a great hostess!!

Pam said...

Moi: Yes, I was concerned about the Memorial being too intense. But as usual, I was the one falling apart while everyone else was fine. Discussion has been had about the purchase of boots and the consensus is that while they are super cool and a great idea, putting them into use back home in England might result in getting beaten up. So probably no. Ha.

Trolly: I think the boys have been having a grand time. If it is remotely American, they want to try it. Photo contest seems specific to AZ and I can't find my pics from there to see if anything would work.

Karl: I think they are cleaning out an area of the suitcase for Thunder Girl stow-aways in case the opportunity for such turns up. Meanwhile, I think tomorrow might be a trip to Hooters. Heh.

Carmy: Thanks, this has been a challenge! The age group means things definitely out of our comfort zone!

Aunty Belle said...

Ho HO!! Hostess wif' the mostest!!

Them lads is in high cotton--they definitely need the cowboy boots.

Know youse enjoyin' this interlude.

Come again boys!!