Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas has taken a turn around here ….

Well, as if our Christmas wasn’t going to be interesting enough with new Grandboy Caleb in our lives, we are going to be having two more boys around for Christmas.

Not boys, actually.  Young men.

They are the sons of a friend in England … circumstances are bringing them to us this holiday.  Will have ten days showing the middlest of middle America to two English lads, ages 16 and 20, who have never been to the States before.  And for people who haven’t had a kid in the house for a long time, we are a bit concerned about keeping the boys entertained and, frankly, keeping up with them!

Here’s younger brother Charlie:

2011 VACAY0209

And here’s older brother James (on the right).  He was my driver the day we were in the parade at the Ford Plant 100 year anniversary event when we were in England this summer.  Meaning, he and his dad both have classic Ford cars.   John was riding with his friend in dad’s car.  That left me with son James in his car.  Which is not the green one in the photo below, it belongs to Kate’s dad (Kate being seated in the car).  Her boyfriend is blue shirt guy on the left.  But the green car was also in the parade.  Kate is the daughter of a long-lost friend of the hubby who re-connected this trip.    I know, I know.  It is confusing.   At any rate, James grilled me on all things American.

2011 VACAY0240

Of course, during the parade, we had to drive past all these factory workers from the Ford plant.  Everyone looking very stoic and English and proper and all.   But, as an American, felt it was my duty to liven the place up, so may or may not have been hanging out of the window waving with enthusiasm.   And thus coined the phrase:  “Wave like you are an American!”

Trained these lads well, I did.


2011 VACAY0248

Did I ever do a post about the parade?  Here’s a pic of us on the track.  We had the best looking yellow Ford Escort Mexico of the day.  Those other two in front were crap compared to us. Oh, and that bank was steep!

2011 VACAY0244


Anyway, the lads arrive next Sunday.  We will have them for ten days.  Anyone have ideas of something they shouldn’t miss while here in the States? 



Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Take them to that steak house in Amarillo. The one with the huge steak, that if you eat it all its free. There's a piece of Americana for you. Can you still get a tour of Tinker? I used to love to watch the B-52's

A more somber visit would be to the bombing memorial.

Troll said...

I like Karl's eating challenge idea but don't like the bombing memorial idea.

The English are great travellers and they probably already have sound ideas about what they want to do.

Hopefully, your role will just be to look over their plan and offer advice.

moi said...

A trip to Tulsa to the Gilcrease, or is that too far? Would also give them a good sense of the sweep and scope of the Great American Plains.

pam said...

Karl: Hmmm, that might be worth a road trip, weather permitting! Not sure I have a connection at Tinker these days. Those tours may be a thing of the past without someone in the know. But a great idea and I think I know how to find out for sure.

Troll: The bombing memorial might not be a good idea in this instance. They are young and into sports -- just scored some tickets to the Thunder exhibition game on the 20th.

Moi: I'm a little worried that museums will be a bit boring for them. But will test those waters for sure. But you make me think that a trip to Tulsa on Route 66 might be worth the effort!

Boxer said...

I vote Route 66.

How fun. My MIL hosted a French girl (friend of a friend) one year over Christmas and she was a great addition to our Holiday. BUT, teen boys are a little more of a challenge.

Maybe it's time for an XBOX?

chickory said...

just buy a bag of weed and get a game console.

grherhahahaha Im just kidding.

er, run run run. exhaust physically. thats the ticket.

this is funny pam: "if celebrities moved to OK"

Karl said...

@ Chickory: No Ma'am that looks like the Iowa.