Sunday, December 04, 2011

Orange Power


After a decidedly one-sided victory over the University of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Cowboys deserve a chance for the big title!  I am just saying it here.  Yes, they lost one game.  But it was that game was on the same day as the news of the plane crash that killed the coaching staff of the OSU women’s basketball team.  Sad news, unexpected news, and surely, no one with a heart could expect a school (who has experienced another great loss in a similar way) to not be affected.

All I am saying, is give the ‘boys a chance!

Yes, I went to school at OSU, didn’t graduate back in the day.  This is probably  the best year they have ever had, would love to see them get a chance to continue.

Love that the game last night wasn’t about just beating OU.  It was for the conference title.  Hope they get their chance.


Aunty Belle said...

Absolutely!! When I heered the news last night I said, "Whoo hoo! Fer PamOKC!!"

Troll said...

I would say... YES. They deserve a shot. They prolly aren't as good as Alabama and don't play a SEC level schedule but Bama had their shot.

Plus, their coach is a MAN. A 44-year-old MAN!

moi said...

Fingers crossed! (But sweet Jesus on toast with butter, I'm about overstuffed with college football. I want the remote back.)

Pam said...

Oh well, looks like The Cowboys will be Fiesta Bowl bound. Heart couldn't beat the computers, eh?

Trolly: He is a man! Ha. I wonder if he will ever live that down.