Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sterling's Christmas Hat

Found Sterling a hat at the dollar store.  Had to have it.  Nothing says "Sterling" more than a Naughty Hat.  A version of this pic series is our Christmas card this year!

We  have worked out more of our agenda for the Christmas guests.  Am really getting in the spirit.  Amazing what having house guests does for accomplishing tasks around the house also!  Maybe we should have company come every month or so, this place would be spiffed up no end.

We have even put up a Christmas tree after all.  Strung a few more lights around outside.  There may not be as much in the way of gifties this year, but the spirit ... it has arrived.

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Boxer said...

The spirit is what it's all about. :-)

I'm glad you put up a tree and lights. The only place I've decorated is the Island house... my office is empty of anything and the city house only has a wreath. I'm OK with that.

You have your priorities in the right place.... and that includes that hat for Sterling.

BWHAHAHAHAHA. Bad kitty! :-)

moi said...

Can't handle the cuteness. Losing will. To resist. The cuteness.