Friday, December 16, 2011

A tree after all …


We put up a tree after all this year … in honor of soon-to-arrive company flying in from across the pond.   Working fiercely to get things done around the house and office so we will be free to show these lads around.   Oh, and am definitely needing some Caleb time.   And need to download some video taken last weekend when Caleb was over … sound asleep in his little carrier.  Snoring.  Yep, there was no mistaking that sound. 

Made $30 selling old books to Half Price Book store.  Re-spent at least half of it on books I had to have.  That’s how they get ya, you know … let you wander the store while they are working up your total.  A book worm is a book worm is a book worm. But four boxes of books are gone out of the house.  Part of my de-cluttering and feng shui-ing efforts.

Read today where John Lennon wrote “Happy Christmas – War is Over” because he was sick of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.”  I feel vindicated!   Am sure we will catch a viewing of that movie at some point.  But seriously, one of the gayest movies ever made.  And I don’t mean gay as in happy, either.   You don’t see Hollywood re-making this one, but it should.  Obviously, not a favorite movie.  And the song with the silly whistling birds … makes me want to push someone out a window.   But can’t wait for “It’s a wonderful life …”   

Don’t have much to report for now but might have to do a daily diary of “Oklahoma through the eyes of a newly arrived British Lad.”   Gonna be interesting.


Aunty Belle said...


Ya did it! The Tree is up--Halleluiah.

Caleb wuz gonna wonder why Granny never put up a tree on his forst Christmas, doan ya know??

Have fun wif' the lads--show 'em an Okie time, now.

Is Wonderful Life yore favorite Christmas movie?

Well, ya know I'se a book worm too--an' like ya' done, I cleared out a TRUNK load of books--took 'em to the used book folk--then LEFT. Next time I go back I'll have some credit--but I need to keep the house free of book stacks on hallways fer at least a season.

Hey--wait! I has a book fer ya --a Christmas story ya will like so much--Git a holt of The Fourth Wise Man. Really good, PamOKC.

Merry Merry Sugar Pie!

carmar76 said...

nice tree!
and LOL - i am just the opposite - love white christmas, but can't stand it's a wonderful life. ; )

moi said...

We have three floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stuffed with books and S.B. has been after me forever to get rid of half of them. But it's so haaaaaaaard! They're my frieeeennnnds!

Pretty tree and just think of the photo opportunities you'll have with Caleb because of it!

pam said...

Aunty, thanks for the book recommendation. With company coming, doubt I have time to read in the near future though. But am storing in my data banks for future reference. Wonderful Life isn't necessarily my fave Christmas movie, but what I do like is the B&W aspect, the period nature of it, the ultimate message. And no cornball songs with whistles meant to sound like birds singing.

Carmy: Ha, to each their own, eh? You can have WC, I've seen it enough. Glad you enjoy it.

Moi: Five boxes is actually what I got rid of ... it was difficult and in the end pulled about 4-5 books back out before sending them off. I worry about the time of the zombie apocalypse when there is no electricity and no one can charge up their kindles to read by firelight when there is no other entertainment.