Saturday, December 31, 2011


It is the eve of 2012.  Turned down an invite to go out.  Turned down another one for last night.  Just wanting to hang out and be home and relax.  Does this mean I’m getting old?  I hope not.  Spousal person guy has gone out to get a Papa Murphy’s pizza and some champagne and it is going to be a low key night in for us.  Suppose we might still be in recovery  mode from our ten days of visitors. 


Just spent a couple of hours with Baby Caleb as he was learning to navigate his little walker thingie.  Or, in his case, runner-thingie.  Because he was up and down the tile entryway like nobody’s business.  He is coming back on Monday for baby pics.  Can you believe his is almost six months old now?  Time is flying.


On a more disturbing level, I’ve been attacked by one of my own cats!  Sterling had chased Sallycat down and was trying to get at her.  Grabbed him by the scruff of the neck to scold him, and Sterling (being Sterling) whined and howled like he was being beaten (he wasn’t although I did think about it)… when out of nowhere, Lewis came and attacked my leg!  I guess he thought I was trying to hurt his wingman.  Or, they had a tag-team effort on to get at Sally and since I intervened, I got the Lewis end of things.  Or, he thought my leg was a gazelle.  At any rate, I have scratches, teeth-marks and bruises on the back of my calf.  Poor Sally!  No wonder she hisses to keep them away if this is how they treat her.  It has been three years since those boy cats entered our life.  You’d think they would all get along by now.  Can’t be having this type of behavior around Baby Caleb, nosiree.


Don’t have much else for a post for today.  Just a wish to all my pals out there in blog world for a wonderful 2012.  Let’s hope for prosperous and eventful in a good way.   For me, I think it is going to be a get down to business type of  year and get a few things accomplished that I’ve been wanting to get done.  Oh, and everyone?  Stay healthy.  That’s another goal.  



moi said...

Bad kitties! I'm always amazed at how quickly they can go from domestic to wild. I hope you're not too badly scratched up.

On a happier note, Happy New Year to you and yours! Your evening sounds perfect. We're headed out later, but only to dinner with friends. We'll be home in time to catch the last of some bowl game, I'm sure :o)

Catch you in 2012!

Karl said...

Happy New Year Pam,

All the best to you and the family in the coming year.

As far as the cat's go, I haven't got a clue. But good luck.

Boxer said...

Oh! Bad Kitty. Really sorry. I've had Mickey turn on me and it actually hurt my feelings as much as it hurt to get the nip.I think they have 'off' days just as much we do?

We're being quiet too - family staying over and we have a dinner of appetizers only planned. I'm hoping I'll even be awake at midnight?

Good job on your guests (that's a long time) and I wish you nothing but good health and happiness in 2012.