Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blogger Problems

Snarkers, sorry for not commenting ... Blogger is being strange and won't let me commenton my own post.  Not sure why.  I could get on from my little iPod thingie, but can't type big posts from there.  SIGH.  Blogger.

Anyway, thought I'd beat it at its own game and just post anew.  Thanks for snarking everyone, I think it is going to be a fun season.  Maybe having the new judges will shake some things up too.  Gonna be fab.

Meanwhile, a quiet weekend.  Been doing more random de-cluttering.  Painted some furniture last week and the result was FAB.  Very chuffed about my new living room tables.  Which are old tables now with a semi-gloss black finish. 

Get the day off tomorrow.  Then busy season will really hit the fan at work.  I have another thing going on this week that I will post about later once I know more about how it turns out.

Hope all is well with everyone and I'll be making the rounds tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I've been having multiple problems with blogger. If I openned one of my old post to comment, it would lock up. I did some reading and found I could resolve it with a setting change. Go to settings and where it asks "Who can Comment?", select full page. See if that helps.


Boxer said...

This happened to me and Ponita helped me:

To change the comments, just go into "design" and click on "template", then "posts and comments". There you will see the choices for how your comments come up next to "comment location". If you click on that and change to "popup window", then no one will have issues with leaving comments on your blog.

I use an older version of blogger, but this helped me.

However, maybe it's something else because I can't view your and Buzz's blog in Explorer, I have to enter through Safari. WTF?

carmar76 said...

ahh, isn't technology wonderful? everything always works together so well... oh, wait, i'm dreaming! ; )

i know just what you mean about BUSY time starting! well, continuing. not ready to go back to work, but looking forward to getting some things done! heh.

have a great tuesday, pam!!!

Pam said...

Thanks everyone for the suggestions ... Seems to have worked -- a little too well. Now am getting spam on some old blog posts. But at least I can comment again! I also reverted from the new background in case that had anything to do with it.