Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cutest Boy Ever

Just sharing some Baby Caleb .... six months old in a couple of days.  One of the fastest six months ever.  Cutest boy ever.  And yes, Chickie, I saw your comment re Elmer Fudd and, well, all I can say is the "Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit," because this boy is probably destined to do just that. 

However, it was an aviator hat.  Like this:

And the boy has about two more days he can wear it before it is out-grown.  He is a-growin' like a weed.

Anyway, that is all I have today.  Have lots I wish I could talk about but better not.  You know how it is sometimes!

Cheers for now, ya'll.  Sorry I missed Haiku Monday, hope to be back for it next week.  These holidays that fall on Mondays seem to interfere.


Buzz Kill said...

He looks like a big kid. Has he tried to stand up yet? They're cute until they're mobile. Then nothing in the house is safe. Happy New Year grandma.

pam said...

Buzzy, yes he has potential to be huge. Dad is 6'4. This is a sturdy boy. And we gifted the family at Christmas with a "Baby Containment Device" aka pack-and-play. He isn't standing yet, and isn't even really sitting up on his own. I think people will assume different of him since he is such a big kid that he should be more advanced ... but he's just at the six month mark and right on the development side of things. As far as I know! Cheers to you.

Boxer said...

Great photos, Pam, but I know he's an easy subject; cute and photogenic. LOVE the hat. BWAHAHAHAHAA. More please.

czar said...

Smart- and sweet-lookin' boy.

moi said...

"kill the wabbit." bwahahahahahaha!