Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Lately

It has been an eventful week.   A bit of surgery.  On my eye.  And let me just say that I am freaky about my eyes.  Never could get contacts in because I’m so freaky.  A trip to the eye doctor is torture. Someone else putting drops in my eyes is terrifying and traumatic.  So you know that if I agreed to having someone stick sharp objects into my eye, my sight was getting to be extremely frustrating.

I took the plunge and had cataract surgery.

Turns out, that, of course, I didn’t have a typical cataract.  Mine was under the lens and growing like a snowflake instead of on top of the lens growing like a little old lady’s.  

So did a bit of research and found that there is a cataract caused by …. radiation.   HMMMMMMM.   Like a mega dose given to a thyroid cancer patient type of radiation?  Yep, there is a question to ask the doctor next week at the follow up.   Sure makes me wonder.   He did assure me that all my time on the lounger in the pool working on my tan back in the mis-spent youth did not have an impact.  That was going to be my other reason to blame for the condition.

HOWEVER.  Let’s talk about what I now can see.  It is truly amazing.

  • The field of view is unbelievable.  I’m talking about the range of the lens.  Didn’t even know I had been missing peripheral vision.   And not just side to side, either.  Top to bottom, too!  WOOT!
  • The depth of field is remarkable.  The distance I can see is truly fantastic.  Didn’t even know how much I hadn’t been seeing.
  • The colors!  Color was missing and I didn’t even know it.  Plus, the colors look like velvet.  Everything is rich and vibrant and deep and lovely.

Here’s what I can’t see:

  • Letters on a page.  Yet.  Well, I take that back.  I can see that somewhat.  One eye hasn’t been done yet so I still have my bifocal on that side of my eye glasses.   Sitting at a computer, if I tilt my head a certain way and look out of my glasses a certain way, I can read.  This will be a challenge.

Doctor did not recommend the type of lens that has  built-in bifocal type of thing, so I will still be needing reading glasses once this is all over and done.  But the results so far have been very worth the experience.

And yes, I’ve been a baby about it all and took a couple of days off to recuperate.   And this little guy came over to help me overcome the trauma:



Mama Kymmie is doing good and sends her hellos.  As you can imagine, this guy is keeping her occupied.  She might just now be catching up on sleep.  Certainly, the transition from worker bee to stay-at-home mommy has been an adjustment.  This is a whole new type of work!  This boy is a time-suck of the highest order, but a sweet personality is the reward.   He is now on baby foods and rolling where-ever he wants to go.  Should be crawling and teething soon.   Here’s a conversation between old mom (me) and new mom (Kym) today:


NEW MOM:  So, why is it that if a kid is tired, they don’t just go to sleep?  Things would be so much easier if they would.

OLD MOM:  You mean, like crying to keep themselves awake?

NEW MOM:   Yes, exactly.  He’s tired, I know he’s tired, why doesn’t he want to go to sleep?

OLD MOM:   (Shakes head and just points back to New Mom).   He might miss something.

NEW MOM:  Did I do that?

OLD MOM:  You were the Queen of Not Wanting to go to Sleep.  The princess even.

NEW MOM:  Sigh.


carmar76 said...

glad the surgery worked out!! and LOL to the new mom conversation. : )

moi said...

Glad to hear your surgery went well! Also that Kym and Co. are happy and healthy.

Your post reminds me I need to make an appointment with my eye doctor. Either my distance vision is really beginning to go, or something else is going on. Not only are things "fuzzy," they also seem less saturated and more closed in, if that makes sense. I've been wearing reading glasses for a few years now, but this distance thing is new and it's really annoying. Squinting doesn't even help.

Pam said...

Carmy: Thanks for stopping by and appreciating the mom conversation.

Moi: Yes, make the appointment. How I found out about the cataracts is through an attempt to get Lasik. I was frustrated with my vision for all those same reasons. But wasn't a candidate because of the cataract. Which I was surprised about because thought I was too young for them. Anyway, you describe much of what I was feeling about two years ago. Literally couldn't see dogs standing in the street a quarter of a block away. Kymmie is still adjusting but I think the hard part of babyhood is behind them ... now comes the chasing

Boxer said...

WHAT happened? I swear I left a comment. :-(

I'm glad you had the surgery, but understand because I'm freaky about my eyes too. Do you know that scene from Clockwork Orange? AGHGHGGHGH. Can't look! Can't look! Really glad the outcome is positive and maybe you can just forget about what may have caused it?
As for that adorable grandson of yours! I said this on Kymmie's FB... get that kid an agent. :-) He's very photogenic and super cute and sweet.

Sending your Kymm big love because she's doing a huge job. Bless her.

Buzz Kill said...

As we get older, eye exams get more important. I've been negligent in regular visits and will probably pay a price for it. I just had my 1st visit in 5 years and have a mis-shape right eye. Had a corneal topography done and am going back to the doctor next week to see what has to happen. I will probably have to wear a hard contact lens in my right eye to reshape it.

Glad all went well with your surgery and why is that kid sticking his tongue out at me?