Monday, January 30, 2012


All apologies for not being around much lately.  Between my obsession with all things Pinterest and some projects of my own and busy season looming at work and the eye surgery, things have been hectic.  Not to mention spending quality Caleb time when possible ….

But speaking of projects, I did a bit of Pinteresting around the guest bedroom recently.


Inherited blonde wood-look bookcase from dad’s  house.  I know!  Dated beyond dated.  But, the qualify of the bookcase is  very good.  For flat-pack furniture, it is nice stuff.  Goes to show how cheap even flat pack furniture has become since 1982.  

Also inherited from dad’s house was the large “art” piece over the bed.  Dusty rose is a predominant color, although it doesn’t show up much in the pic.  Oh, and the little antique side table, which is real wood.  But had absolutely no finish left on it.  I have it all thrown in this room because, well, it is what I have and here was a room to put it.  But was growing tired of the room looking like mom and dad’s house circa 1994.

So after a couple of months of Pinterest, I was inspired.  Found a site that shows you how to paint laminate furniture.  So I took the plunge.



Bookcase is now a chili pepper red.   Mom’s old flower market scene is in the closet and has been replaced with The Beatles.   Side table now painted a very nice semi-gloss black.   OH!  And a few pillows have been re-cycled from old sweaters that have been hanging in my closet for way too long and would never be worn again.

Also did much de-cluttering in this room.  Finally put away some of the old pics of mom and dad that had been sitting around in frames.  Put my grandpa’s old retirement clock into a closet.  Boxed up some other things that have found their way to me via the clearing of other people’s houses.  It was time to put most of it away. 

Yes, I know the room still needs help.  Most of all wall color.  But that’s not going to happen.  Someone likes his non-descript painted walls.  Yep, Sterling would hate it if we went that far with any changes.

But I’m jazzed with the end result on the bookcase.  There are two more in the house that need “doing”.  Guess who will be working on those this weekend?


pam said...

PS - am sure Ms Fishy will see this and go into seizures over my lack of ability to pull anything together in this room .... decorating fail, I know. But am taking suggestions!

carmar76 said...

wow, and i was thinking that it looks really good!!

Buzz Kill said...

I'm going through this right now with The Mrs. and the addition she's adding on to the house. Back and forth over floor color, countertop color, light fixtures, windows, doors - and we're a ways away from the furniture.

I'll tell you what I tell her. After a week, a month...nobody will notice unless you point it out. If you're happy with it, what do you care?

Now as for your guest room...geez, that red bookcase, and that Beatles picture, just awful...bwahahahahaha. I no nothing about interior design so don't listen to me. Now, if I could zoom in, I would be looking for drywall nails popping out, or miss-cut trim work, or doors that stick. But I can't do any of that, so it looks fine. Guests can always sleep in the backyard, right?

moi said...

Nice! Love the chile pepper red of the bookcase. I have an old "antique" side table in the master bath that is a wonderful shape but finished with a horrible, thick dark brown. I've wanted forever to strip it and give it a good coat of something bright. You've inspired me . . . once I have a free day :o)

pam said...

Carmy, thanks ! You are always so sweet. :)

Buzzy: Argh on picking out all of those items from scratch. Have the Mrs. hire Fishy to come up and design it! I'd hire her if I could!

Moi: The painting has been fun. Such a sense of accomplishment. I also repainted some living room tables. Very productive.

Boxer said...

Nice way to update old furniture and I think de-cluttering is a HUGE help when trying to see a new room on top of an old room (and furniture.)

Paint options have really opened up recently. You can paint plastic lawn chairs (and those ugly plastic planters) with all sorts of colors/textures. I love that!

What's next? and how are your eyes?

pam said...

Boxie: Updating the old furniture has been surprisingly fun. Not rocket science but will get some more life out of the old things yet. The eyes are doing fine. What's next is finishing the pieces that haven't been done yet.