Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Where is it?  I know you all have one.  Let’s see it.   Come on.  I double-dog dare you.

Where’s your Glamour Shot?  I’ll go first.


Next, must find the one of me with the Kymster.  Now that one is priceless.  We look like blackjack dealers in Vegas.


pam said...

I've never had hair this big ... never. How they achieved it with my stick straight hair, well, miracle. That's all I'm saying.

Boxer said...

I can honestly say I never did it. But? My hair was that big in about.... 1985? 1989? Did they do your hair and makeup when you went there? If I did it now I would insist on vaseline smeared around the lens like they did in the 40's.

I actually think you look nice. :-)

For a Black Jack Playah! xoxo

pam said...

Oh yes, they did your hair and make-up. I've never worn lots of make-up so this was new to me. But the photo was taken in 1991. I remember distinctly. The year of the motorcycle accident and was taken shortly before returning to real life after three or four months of fiance in hospital.

carmar76 said...

aww, you wear the glamour well!

i never did a glamour shot because they were expensive! *laugh* but i was always jealous of the girls who got to go there for pictures!

moi said...

Hey, look at you! You could have been in Vogue circa 1988, when they were still putting bona fide models and not celebrities on the cover. Never did the Glamor Shots gig, but I do believe I had that jacket.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Nice shot, you look really good.

Would a mug shot count?

Just kidding. The only face photos I have are on ID's and they're all terrible.

Pam said...

Carmy: They were expensive and that is why we only bought a few. But it was done as a treat after a rough period of time.

Moi: Vogue? I think not. But I'd sure love to have that natural hair color again! I had forgotten how dark my hair was. I miss it!

Karl: Hand your camera to Mrs. Karl and have her snap a few! You will be glad for it later even if you hate it now.

Buzz Kill said...

The Mrs. and I had some professional family portraits take a couple of years ago. But you're not going to see those. Head-on shots of me are frightening. You, on the other hand, take a pretty good picture. If you had a phone to your ear, you could sell real estate. Bwahahaha

Pam said...

Buzzy, 20 year old pics don't count. Current pics are very scary. And I've read that the average American should not look straight into a camera for pics. Put your head at a 3/4 angle and don't let the nose break the line of the cheek. If that makes sense. I know these things just can't put them into practice.