Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newt This Morning

I didn't expect to like him.  He's always represented Angry White Guy to me. 

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Aunty Belle said...

Wow--front row seat. I wish ya COULD express yore 'pinions.

Sorry fer yore mama-in-law. Whas' the news from Merry Olde Englonde?

I will HATE missin' Downton Abbey.

Eye surgery--thas' totally fabulous. Even the dust that ya see.

Squeeze Caleb fer me, pleeze.

fishy said...

Newt always seem very Jeckyl and Hyde to me. I know he has the ability to captivate a room if not a nation. I too would like to know your thoughts!!!!! Maybe you need one of those anonymous "venting" blogs. Very therapeutic!

Prayers for your Mum in law... it is dreadful hard to watch them decline. Harder still to not be there.

So glad to read your surgeries have been successful. Do you have early cataracts from thyroid issues? Kudos to hubby for wearing the Chef hat. He is welcome here at the Pond any time!

It's lovely to see Kym out on the blogs again. Caleb...well I think Boxer nailed this. He does need an agent doesn't he? Blessings on you all this Lenten season. Peace be with you... especially when the crawling commences.

troll said...

Pretty cool. Yeah, the Newtster can give a speech. No doubt about that. Does he have a shot at winning OK?

Buzz Kill said...

That is a pair of very long legs hovering above Speaker Gingrich's head. Some sort of foreshadowing? Bwahahaha

Pam said...

Auntie: Yes, I so wish I could express opinions. I have them, believe me. I wasn't front row seat, but behind some glass in the quiet room. And had to leave before he finished speaking. But he's for the pipeline and so am I.

Fishy: Anonymous venting blog. Hmmm, tempting! Except when everyone from here went there to comment, people might figure it out ;) I think the cataracts might have been from thyroid issues, specifically the radiation. The cataract was under the lens, not on top of it. Doctor said it is the type of one a younger person gets if they happen to get them. No other explanation.

Troll: I don't know if he does or not. He had some good applause at this venue, but I didn't go to any of the political appearances. I know he was flying commercial on Continental, a guy from church works for them and had to hold up the plane so he could get on! I heard lots of buzz about Santorum's appearance, though, so this being a red red red state these days, your guy might do well. However, Newt showed up with J.C. Watts, and we love us some J.C. VP potential? Ahem. I think so.

Buzzy: HA! I didn't even notice that. But someone told me that I could be Newt's next wife before the day was over if I didn't watch myself.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

The sorry to read about your MIL. All the best to her. If you think the issue has something to do with her medications. May I suggest that you have all of her doctors the review her meds list for harmful drug interaction. Often one Dr. doesn't know what other doctors are prescribing.

Newt is a very likable speaker. The while back I was the listener the and a large group conference call with him. He did a very good job of answering questions asked and explaining how he would deal with specific issues. I came away from it quite impressed. However between his personal baggage and Romney's money, I don't think he has a chance. Kind of hoping Santorum can knock out Romney but I doubt it.

Boxer said...

I pretty much see him as an angry white guy too. With a bunch of ex wives and a whole bunch of people in his pockets. Still, I love the photo and seeing a view of your world.

Pam said...

Karl, I agree with you totally. Or he might be waiting for the other guys to implode.

Boxie: The view of my world is usually from the desk, this was unusual that I was up and around, but am glad I made the effort.

moi said...

Leave it to Buzz to scope out the chicks . . .

Glad you had the opportunity to attend. I like certain aspects of Newt, just as I do most of the other candidates. That's because, like all politicians at their level, they have honed a certain likability and intelligence quotient. To a point . . .