Sunday, February 19, 2012


A day of randomness.  So a random post to move this page along.

1.  Downtown Abbey.  I’m going to be sorry the season ends tonight.  Just a delicious little Masterpiece.

2. Total Kitty Domination.  I’m done with it.  Am thinking some cats need to GO live elsewhere.  Was home two days this week and the cat fights were worse than the sales and/or political calls.  How do I get that cat whisperer guy out here to Oklahoma?

3.  Eye surgery.  Had my other eye de-cataracted.   This one has been a bit more ache-y.  They gave me a bit of monovision, so the distance in this eye isn’t as great, but right now, am sitting at the computer, sans eyeglasses, and have been that way for three days.  I’m seeing things I haven’t seen in years.  Like mostly the thin layer of dust on every object in my house.  Oh, and the grain in the wood furniture.  Never even realized how pronounced it was.  Amazing.  I’m not going through the house flipping on light switches so I can see.  This is just fantastic.  Now it might be time to start saving for the eye-lid surgery!!!!  Smile

4.  Personal Chef.  Just so you know, my personal chef has been perfection this weekend.   Breakfast burritos on a rainy Saturday morning; chicken curry last night.  Mmmmmm.  We’ve eaten very well.   Friday night, I cooked my own specialty, which involves one bag of frozen shrimp, the electric skillet, 1/2 pat of butter and some Old Bay Seasoning.   About ten minutes, and you’re done.   It is the best thing I cook.  See why I don’t take part in those challenges?  Maybe I should sign up my chef.  I could take photos while he does the preparation.  Hmmmm.  Must consider this.

5.  Baby Caleb.  We got to watch the boy for a few hours on Saturday.  He is just so fun.  As long as you are doing what Baby Caleb wants to do.  Otherwise, he’s a little bossy.  But he is easily distracted, so that is a plus.  I do believe he is soon to take off crawling, then watch out!  Baby containment devices are going to be needed all over town.   Kymmie is doing good and I think is finally getting her rhythm down with this life as a parent.  Has figured out how to get some extra rest here and there, and has developed a schedule for getting out and about.  We are doing lunch on Fridays (generally) and mostly seeing them for a few hours sometime over the weekend. 

6.  Mother-in-Law.  Has had a fall.  Is in the hospital over in the U.K.  She is doing okay and is ready  to go to the rehab hospital once a chest infection clears up.  Times like this, I wish I could just put my personal chef on an airplane and send him home to see his mom.  Am so glad we went last year.  She was doing very well then and I hate to hear that she is not so great now.  But hopefully, adjustment of the meds will fix her up.   The thinking is that she had low blood pressure which caused the fainting spell which caused the fall which caused the broken wrist which caused the hospital visit which caused the chest infection.   Sigh.

7.  Work.  Back to it on Monday.  Busy season busy season.  Oh, how I wish I could discuss what really goes on.   But luckily I missed some debate this week while I was out with the eye surgery.   It is one of those occasions where I wish I could express an opinion.  But I can’t.  Frustrating.

8. Feng Shui and De-Cluttering.  Continuing.  Two bags of trash gone and three big boxes of my dad’s stuff has gone to the attic.  I think our next house better have a big attic.  What do you do with things that you just don’t feel you can get rid of, but you don’t want hanging around inside the house?  It is a dilemma. 

Happy new week, everyone!


Boxer said...

You know what's nice about living in a part of the country that's constantly under clouds? you don't see that dust either. I'm glad you're on the mend and hope very soon you're back to 20/20.

I miss Kymmie blogging, but I know she's a little BUSY. Give her a big hug and tell her boy is a super cutie.

Have a good week youself. I still haven't watched PR so I'm saving your post until after I get to it.

I nearly Haiku Jinxed you with a X-Factor/Simon jab. Yours was good.

moi said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL's fall. That must be tough, being so far away.

You have a personal chef?!? Go, you! I needs me one a those :o)

Buzz Kill said...

Kym will find that DVDs are her friend (it was video tape when my kids were that small). I thought all you government types had off today.

"What do you do with things that you just don’t feel you can get rid of, but you don’t want hanging around inside the house?" If they're my things...they disappear.

Pam said...

Boxie, I think I am going to miss "NOT" seeing the dust! I will tell Kymmie hello.

Moi, the personal chef doubles as a husband. He threw me out of the kitchen long ago since he likes to eat well.

Buzzy, most had it off, but where I work, we don't get President's Day. They will give us Good Friday though to make up for it. Just a special thing due to their schedule.

moi said...

Oh, that's funny! My first husband cooked. My second, not so much. He has other sterling qualities, but in my next life, I'm having two men at once: one cooking, one cleaning.