Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random Sunday

More Sunday randomness.  Because I got nothing else and want to move this page along.

1.  Shoe shopping.  Budget shoe shopping, unfortunately.  Needed a new black pair of shoes for work.  Nothing fancy or expensive, just comfortable to wear on long walks down marble hallways without breaking my neck.  Why is it that even at places as normal and common as Kohl’s, everything is a Jennifer Lopez 6” heel with 2” platform?  With rhinestones?  If not a F-M pump, then mostly the shoes are flat and too casual/sporty for a business office.  Am not saying that I’m looking for some nice granny pumps, but please …. not everyone is 21 and going to a nightclub and then jogging around the park afterwards.   I like about a 1-2”  stacked heel for those hallways at work.  Nothing too pointy heeled because it gets slippy.  There are gals who go for the spike heels.  I’m over it, myself.  Have reached an age where comfort takes a back seat to spikey heels.  I won’t apologize. 


2.  Men’s wardrobes are so simple.  A pair of Dockers, a polo shirt, and they can go anywhere.  But I can guarantee you, even if all I had to do was put on a pair of slacks and a polo shirt, I would not have the right shoes to go with the outfit.  It is a continual problem.  And it isn’t like I don’t have shoes.  I do have shoes.  Lots of them.  But why are they never just right for what I want to put together.  It is a conspiracy.


3.  Mail Chimp.  Does anyone have to do mass e-mails?  Is anyone using this service?  Just need to pick some brains if possible.


4.  A super wedding anniversary.  Some friends celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend.  SIXTY years!  You go, Ken & Nola, you lovebirds.


5.  Work e-mails.  Just checked the office account so I know what I will be doing tomorrow.  409 e-mails are waiting for me.  90% of which have to do one particular subject matter.  Puppy mills.   Last week it was Personhood.  Will have to let you know what next week brings.


6.  Watched The Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp on U-Verse pay-per-view.  Pretty cute movie.  Could have been better, but worth a watch.  Makes me wonder what Troll is going to be up to in Puerto Rico.   Or where-ever it is he is going.


7.   Saw Baby Caleb on Saturday and helped with some Baby Wrangling.  Missed a family party for my great-aunt but Baby Wrangling when needed is much more important, don’t you think?


8.  Brandy Cream Sauce.  My new favorite thing.  Chicken Luigiano at our favorite little Italian place that used to be a Pizza Hut, or maybe a Denny’s, over in Mustang, America.  Mmmmmmm.   Chicken breast, pounded thin, with loads of thinly sliced mushrooms served over pasta with brandy cream sauce.  Homemade bread to sop up the sauce.  I may be dieting all week so I can splurge on this every weekend.


9.  Taxes.  Yikes.  I gotta get started.   Menowanna.


moi said...

Mondays are like a vintage kick-start motorcycle . . .

As for shoes, I highly recommend a Gianni Bini pump. 2-3", stacked, a roomy toe box. They're my go-to work shooz. I'm also loving the lower-heeled kittens that are still in this year. Ever so slight a pointed toe, very cute and versatile.

troll said...

That dish sounds tasty. I'll be working in Puerto Rico but if I run into Johnny Depp I will spit on him.

Buzz Kill said...

The only benefit to being a guy is a simple wardrobe and the ability to "be ready" in 10 minutes.

@Moi - "I highly recommend a Gianni Bini pump. 2-3", stacked, a roomy toe box." - I have no idea what you just said.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Yes men's wardrobes are simple. We planned it that way.

As for shoes. It's a topic I will never understand. The only time I look at what's on a woman's feet. Is when I'm looking for damage from a poorly placed dance step. Or I'm taking them off. Get a pair what's comfortable and leave at that.

Pam said...

Moi: Hmmm, will look it up. Checked Dillard's site and my preferred heel height was not represented ...

Troll: I can't wait to hear what you have to say about PR. When is this going to happen?

Buzzy: I can be ready in 10 minutes. Some folks just might not like the result.

Karl: Yep, comfy shoes, I'm with you. I bet you don't step on many toes ;)

moi said...

Also, look for a slight platform. Shoes with little to no material between your foot bed and the floor = ouch. Check out Naturalizer, Born, Clarks, or any brand that utilizes Nike cushioning technology. Shoes ARE getting more comfortable. All are sold at Dillard's, which as you probably know, has a very extensive selection. AND they take their shoes back if they turn out to be uncomfortable, as long as there is minimal sole wear.