Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sterling by the Fire

The boy loves a cold evening spent fireside.   But he was getting a little too close for comfort as far as we were concerned.   Didn't want toasted kitty.   Had to run him off.  He wasn't happy.   And yes, that is a cat toy on the carpet.  And why do we have a sundial in the house?  Don't want it to disappear from the yard!
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carmar76 said...

LOL he's so cute! and you should shine an oscillating light on the sundial just for fun. ; )

Aunty Belle said...

Felines is unto theyselves , ain't they??

Left a brief note at PR --an' tryin' to git caught up I read yore Glamour Shots-- ha! Youse adorable. No wonder Kymmie is so cute.

Boxer said...

I bring a piece of yard art into my dining room every fall, so I totally understand why you have a sun dial your living room.

Sterling sure does look happy in this photo. King Sterling!

moi said...

I know he's a brat, but boy, is he magnificent-looking.

Pam said...

Carmy: He's cute but he's pesky.

Aunty: There may or may not be more glamour shots to come. Just remember that there is nothing recent about them.

Boxie: Show us the yarn art!

Moi: He was literally laying against the glass door on that fireplace. It was concerning.

chickory said...

handsome cat.