Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lady Mary versus My Mom

Any other Downton Abbey watchers out there?  I loved this series.  It has everything I love in a story.  Upstairs/downstairs aspects.  Turn-of-the-century drama.  Feuding family members.  A little romance.  An evil co-worker.  Great stuff. 

But Lady Mary had me baffled.  She so reminded me of someone.  I couldn’t figure it out for the whole first season.  Then season two appeared and it hit me. 

lady mary1      mom lady mary Layout 1


My mom.  She looked like my mom!  Or photos that I remembered of my mom as a young woman. 

So for lack of anything else to post about tonight – I just can’t bring myself to talk about the elections – I thought I’d finally do the side-by-side of Lady Mary and Lady Maxine and compare for myself the resemblance.  And some might compare the attitude as well Winking smile



chickory said...

I love Lady Mary. I think she is excellent and I loved her character arc on the show. Of course Sybil is the best of the bunch - as all baby chiles is. grherhaha She does look like your mom - lovely.

Boxer said...

I'm so sorry I missed this series. I think I'll try to find it on DVD.

The election? Huh? What?

that's why I post Puppy Porn.

Buzz Kill said...

Unless Lady Mary is an extra on Spartacus Vengeance, I've never seen her (or the show for that matter). Never heard of the show until The Mrs. made me watch the Golden Globes with her. But I do see the resemblence to your mother.

Pam said...

Chickie, are you a baby chile also? Me too! I loved the Sybil character. Lady Edith is such a middle child. I can't wait to see the next season. Shirley McLain in all her craziness is going to breeze in.

Boxie: If you like this sort of period drama, this is really good. Of course, now that it has been hyped up, it might not live up to it. But we really enjoyed. Even the hubs. Maggie Smith steals the whole show. And I enjoyed the puppy porn.

Buzzy: What is Spartacus Vengeance?

moi said...

Everybody is talking about this show and I've never seen it. What channel?

Election? la, la, la, la, la.

Your mom is gorgeous, by the way.

Buzz Kill said...

"What is Spartacus Vengeance?"

Only the greatest series - EVER. A Starz original seies about gladiators during Roman times (around 70BC), it has the most violence, blood and sex I've ever seen on TV. You'd like it.

Pam said...

Moi: Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Sunday nights. Also highly recommended is a current day Sherlock Holmes series.

Buzzy: Now I understand. We don't subscribe to Starz. Not sure I'd sign up just for warring gladiators, although Russell Crowe stole my heart when he was one.

Curmudgeon said...

I got rid of my dish and no longer watch TV, but I did see the first two series of Spartacus. Yeah it's cool. I see the resemblance between the two pics.