Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moving on update

Just a quick post to move this page along.

1.  New job starts on Monday, can’t wait, am very excited.

2.  Old job ended this week.  Wasn’t easy to pack up over 10 years worth of crap and go through it.  Now that it is home, I need to go through it again and get rid of more of the “stuff”. I think de-cluttering my life has really opened some positive changes, but much more needs to be done~!

3.  Saying goodbye to a place you have worked for so long is difficult!  So many good friends.  So many good times.  But on a positive note, no more angry teachers, no more angry puppy mill owners, no more lots of stuff that I won’t miss at all.

4.  My boss threw a fun reception and my other boss who isn’t really my boss but used to be my boss but never really went away was there and presented me with my own portrait by Oklahoma artist Mike Wimmer.  I hope I never turn up on his website.  Ack. 

5.  Baby Caleb came to hang out with me yesterday and yes, I loved every minute of it.  Hope our Friday lunches together won’t have to end because of the new job.  This remains to be seen.

Who has Easter plans?  We haven’t gotten our act together to get anything officially arranged.


Boxer said...

congrats on the new phase of your life. xoxoox

K9 said...

sounds like they gave you a good send off. Im excited for you!!! new people to exploit for the blog. grherhaha