Thursday, March 15, 2012

PR Snarking–Finale #1 (and other stuff)

No pics tonight, snarkers.  Too lazy.  Not enough to take pics of anyway.  Did enjoy the show.  Thoughts listed below.


  • Austin.  He is just too much, he does too much, and I want to know what market there is for all those “too much” dresses that he does.  Don’t like some of the colors he has chosen for his big dresses.  And a wedding dress to finish it off?  Risky!  And is it just me, or is he starting to wear his hair like Joanna Coles?


  • Michael C:  Undecided. His things look wearable and possibly cute and clever.  I want to be over him, but he might just pull this off in my book.


  • Mondo:  I’m totally rooting for this little elf with his “Therapy” theme.  At least it is an original theme!  (PS Can anyone relate what Scarlett’s theme was again?  Holy cow, what was that all about?)   I like the Rohrschach test print that he created.  Much like his skyline print before – remember?  Loved it.  Very clever.  And you know I will love his use of pattern.


Now, let’s discuss Joanna.  I am crazy about her.  She really brings an edge and sharpness to the program.  I like her in a way that I don’t like Nina Garcia, which I’m not sure explains my thought on the matter.  But Joanna is constructive, not just critical.  And she actually puts thoughts in their head.  She’s the mean teacher from school that you hated, but you actually learned the most from.



Crazy busy season is upon me.   In more ways than one!

An opportunity has come along and it looks like a job change is in my future!   Am very excited to be offered a spot at a top company here in town.   Start date is a couple of weeks away, so won’t be commenting much between now and then about it.   I will miss my friends and co-workers where I have been for the past several years.  Never in a million years imagined that my time there would come to an end.  Certainly never imagined the way all this change has come about.   Will tell the story soon enough but, being a big change, I’m thinking that being possessive about my feelings at the moment is in order!  It has been one of those situations that happened a bit naturally, without a lot of struggle, and with perfect timing.  So wish me luck, send up some prayers for a smooth transition, and let’s all have a toast to unexpected mid-life career changes!




carmar76 said...

hooray! congrats on the job changes!! :D

moi said...

When Austin mentioned Fragonard, I was all, "But of course." Look him, up. He's a French Rococo painter and embodies Austin's aesthetic perfectly. "Too much" is right. I shiver at the thought of what his collection is going to end up looking like, but there is something about Austin himself that I like: his crispness, his optimism, his obvious smarts. But would I wear anything he designs? Oh hell no.

I thought it was interesting that Mondo chose Mila to help him out. I started off the show with them as my favorites and I wish she were in the spot Austin is in. Boo.

Do you think the fact that we didn't really get to see what Michael C. and Mondo were doing is a hint that they're the two in the finale?

I'm right there with you on Coles. I love everything about her, including the way she dresses--she has a very distinctive point of view, urban without being too avant garde. Did you see those hot pink shoes with the black dress last night? Love!

moi said...

P.S. Cheers to your new job! I'm excited to hear more about it . . .

fishy said...

Joanna is so very good at giving analytical direction and not ego deadening criticism. She approaches creativity the same way a designer does ... with problem solving as the first criteria. If we are going to have a comparison with Nina ... well Nina has said some deadening, non-constructive things to designers over the seasons. She discourages where Joanna encourages.

Austin is surely going to give us a show. Not clothing, but a show. I think he is brilliant, talented and probably on track to have an awesome career ... in theatre as a costume designe. His too, too much is perfect for stage not streets.

Michael C did not take long to determine Resortwear as his focus. It is a huge industry and fits his aesthetic well. I think his response from DVF in an earlier episode has maybe steered him in this direction. He works clean and fast so he will have the most time to edit his line.

The aspect I most appreciate about this designer is he never lets his creative explorations take him out of sight of his purpose to make women look and feel beautiful.

Will he finish his five now six looks? Probably. Choosing Mila to assist was smart strategy as she is the only other designer with an ability to execute simplicity with flair. Some of Mondo's offerings have been more exploratory than finalized. Even so it would be shocking if he did not make the final cut.

I did get the impression Joanna would like the year to mentor Mondo and, he too would love this. I think there is real mutual respect here.
Joanna also implied Michael C had a lot to offer and would be a welcome addition to the MC editorial staff.
Although her statements were positive and direct, I did not get the impression she would be eager to take on a year of drama with Miss Scarlett.

fishy said...

forget to leave my congratulations on the new job! Looking forward to all the updates, Prayers are en route :-)

Boxer said...

did not watch yet, so I'll just say congratulations on your new job! Are you moving into the private sector? I look forward to hearing more about it when you feel comfortable about talking. Have a great weekend.

chickory said...

congratulations, Pam!! You can still have lunch now and then with the old gang - but you will have moved on and - dare i hope -upward? Go you!

Mondo for the win or else. He is an original where the others are not. I love his process - freak out, stew then blam: a unique vision. He works like an artist works. Hating everything; quitting; packing it in and then gets to work with little time to spare. Michael C is a sewing animal and he is very good but he is not terribly unique. I agree with Moi I like Austins sunny demeanor but not his clothes. they are too matronly and too fou fou.

Everybody seems to like Joanna. I dont like the host chick too much - the new heidi. I dont know why. I do have a bit of a girl crush on Georgina though. She is very lovely - both physically and in how she talks to the designers. Im looking forward to the runway next week!

moi said...

@Chickory: I don't like the host chick, either. She lacks personality and has one of those bland, white noise "model" faces. Meh. G. Chapman is beautiful and charming but her Marchesa line is everything that horrifies me about formalwear. Google some of it and I defy you not to puke.

Anonymous said...

New job?? Hooray!

new adventure...heh.

As fer Lady Mary an' yore mama? Fabulous--love DA, can't wait fer next season.