Monday, March 26, 2012


Needing prayers lately.  If you are the praying kind, please put these folks on your list.   My heart is heavy with worry for these folks:


Jennifer:  Remember a year or so ago, we had been out to the Texas Panhandle with Britgal Sarah (where is she these days?  Inquiring minds want to know!) … anyway, we ran into my cousin’s daughter, who recognized me but I didn’t recognize her?

jennifer moody

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you remember that blog post or not, what does matter is that this sweet young woman, a mother to four kids under the age of ten, is about to undergo a double mastectomy due to breast cancer.  In about two hours from the time I am writing this post.  She is the same age as Kymmie.   A marathon runner and Zumba instructor.  Couldn’t be healther.  Except for that unexpected cancer thing.   Please send up a prayer for healing for this wonderful young lady.




I took some pics for this family around Christmas-time.  Now, here in March, this sweet baby has been diagnosed with Leukemia.  Evidently it is the kind that has a pretty good prognosis.  But that doesn’t matter.  Things are tough for this little one and her single mom.   They have some tough days ahead and prayers are needed.


Also, prayers for Diane who lost her dad this week; KM who was laid off and is job-hunting; RB who has taken a new job; Me/Myself/I who has taken a new job; Kymmie and Caleb (just because they are always on my prayer list); and anyone else who has a situation that has touched your heart recently.  But nothing touches me more than a sick baby and/or a sick young mother.  

I believe in miracles, and the more folks who ask for one … well it can’t hurt, can it?


Boxer said...

No. It can't hurt to ask for mircles. I am so sorry for all of these wonderful people who are facing hard battles. Especially little Kinsley because she's too young for such a harsh reality.

:-( They are in my prayers.

fishy said...

Awesome of you Pam to invite others to offer prayers for your friends and family. This request demonstrates your great faith in the goodness of people and the grace of God. xoxo

moi said...

I hope all went well with Jennifer's surgery and that she recovers swiftly and fully. And my thoughts and prayers go out to all those with whom you are close. Take care . . .

K9 said...

sending comfort and love and a prayer