Friday, April 06, 2012

#2 Cat

Sterling Cat still has self-esteem issues because he is not #1 Cat.  That doesn't stop him from taking ove the sofa in the sitting area in the bedroom.  Please notice the curtains.  He and Lewis sit on top of the sofa and pull the curtains up like they are fishing nets.  Strange behavior.  Yes, I'd like to get better curtains but cat claws make me live with the ones I have.  Anyway, this is about all I have today.

Good Friday is a day off work, a day to regroup after an eventful week at a new job.  I feel energized, tired, jazzed, sleepy, at peace, and thankful.  

Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you find lots of eggs.
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Boxer said...

Happy Easter! I hope today include lunch with Kym and that boy. :-)

Sterling is a beauty but I can see trouble in those eyes.

Have a restful weekend. :-)

CarrieMarie said...

happy Easter!! i hope the eventful week has been a good one, and that you were able to recharge today. i feel refreshed after my day of rest (and movie w/ mom & hanging out w/ leyton, heh!) & ready for egg hunts tomorrow!! : )

Curmudgeon said...

What a cutie. Is he a mackerel? We will not get new furniture until the boy moves out and the animals are gone. You cannot imagine how destructive our first ones were. My house looks like a dump.

Pam said...

Boxie, we will see Kymmie and Caleb soon enough, butnot today.

Carmy: I hope you ahve a great Easter day with little Leighton and he gets lots of eggs.

Curmudgeon. Sterling is a Mackeral, but I'm not sure what that means. Someone else pointed out that it has to do with the "M" on his forehead. I thought the "M" meant menace. That is him. He isn't a mackeral as much as a menace to society. I understand the concept about nothing new until everyone else leaves ... gives me more appreciation for what my mom was able to achieve with us three heathens. Her house was always immaculate. Mine not so much.