Saturday, April 14, 2012

Downtown Update

So  have been back downtown for a couple of weeks.  Have done a bit of exploring during the lunch hour.  Most things are much the same, except for the crazy amount of construction going on with the roads.  It will be nice when it is done, but for now, yowza, you better know where you are going and how to get there because the road you thought you could take is probably closed.

Here’s a few pics that probably only Bev in TX will appreciate – hope she catches this post.



From under the First National Center, looking up that long hallway we used to take … last time I saw it, was 1970’s disco brown/orange/yellow stripe motif on the walls and absolutely no lighting.  Now, lots of fluorescents and some bright citrus colors.  There is still a Chinese buffet at the end of the hall, then take a left and you are at 101 Park Avenue, where the infamous law firm now has an office.  I checked the building directory, and guess what, most of those folks are still there.  Was much surprised by this fact.  So if you turn around, this is what you get:


The tunnel heading back the other way.  This is the part that goes up under BancFirst building.  Little convenience store still there.  Not much else.


I haven’t made it as far as Ricoletto’s … all the tunnels that head up toward the courthouse area are closed due to street construction.   But, Beverly, you KNOW that I must go scope out if Ric is still there at Ricoletto’s.  Slice of pizza and a cute business owner?  All the women in town used to eat lunch there.


This is Harvey looking south.  The road was closed down in the 80’s to create the Myriad Gardens.  Now they have built the new skyscraper and entrance at the bottom of Harvey.  It is like the entrance to the Emerald City.  The building is so tall, I couldn’t get it all in the pic.   The parking garage is on the right.  Built on TOP of the old Galleria garage and behind the new downtown library.   I remember when they were building phase one of this parking lot years ago.  There was always plans for more buildings nad growth.  We all thought “pshhhahw” on some pie-in-the-sky vision of OKC.  We were wrong.  It has all happened and on a much grander scale than ever imagined.  



“X” marks the spot of the buildings I have worked in over the years.   Upper left is out by Lake Hefner, where Bev and I first met at another infamous little oil company and had a few lunches at Der Dutchman – happy hour at lunch – a glass of wine and a little salad.  The beginning of fun.  It is a dangerous thing.  We worked together again at the law firm.  Oh, and the big building with the little x – not there yet, but will be this summer!

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