Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haiku Monday Visual and some other stuff

SHE IS ALIVE >>>>>>>

We saw Britgal Sarah this weekend, with her hubster.  They had won tickets to the Thunder playoff game and so we spent an evening together before they took off to the game.  Lucky sods.  So she is still around, I have visual proof.  Did I take a photo? NO!  Can’t believe it.  Girl is looking good, though, and also enjoying a new job which is taking much of her time.  Quick visit, but good to catch up.  So Sarah, if  you are reading this, thanks again for the dinner and we will be glad to go there again any time. MMmmmm.  Cimarron Steakhouse.  Can’t beat it for good eatin’.


HAIKU MONDAY – here’s one of my entries.  I never know what to have them judge but if there is one, it must be about Sterling.  He is all-consuming.  He has been chasing mockingbirds today.  There will be no living with him if he ever does catch one.  He will be one proud kitty cat.  His chances of actually catching a bird?  Slim to none.


His gray and black stripes
meet in an "M" on his head.
Mackeral tabby.




Sterling Boy (2)


moi said...

If ever there were a cat to steal my heart, this is the one. Your haiku does him terrific tribute. Good to see you playing again, and good luck!

Curmudgeon said...

I've always wanted a silver mackeral. They are hard to find in a manx.

fishy said...

Still laughing at your haiku.
I think the M shows up often in cat patterning. A friend has a yellow striped foundling with a perfect M on his right hip and is called Mickey because it looks like that M.

Of course Micky cannot compare to Sterlings handsome confidence.

PLEASE, do NOT let your cat kill birds. Especially if you have a bird feeder or bird bath in your yard to lure them there to be savaged.

Pam said...

Moi: I'm about to get my time schedule down and my body clock adjusted. It will help me get back into the swing of blog world!

Curmy: Do you only like Manx cats? I've seen the orange tabby in Manx. You can borrow Sterling and try him out. But am sure you would give him back.

Fishy: Handsome confidence. Such a contradiction in terms with him. He swaggers because of insecurity, like a high school thug. And be assured, we don't keep bird feeders for that reason. But some birds are trying to make a nest in our entryway area and are coming and going. They haven't caught anything yet.

fishy said...

Oh good! I am elated to read you do not have cats and bird feeders. I should have known :-{